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Police tried to arrest Will Smith at the Oscars, according to his producer

This content was published on 01 Apr 2022 – 03:04

Los Angeles (USA), March 31 (EFE). Los Angeles police are preparing to arrest Will Smith after he slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, according to the ceremony’s producer, Will Packer.

In a preview of his interview with Good Morning America, which will air in full Friday, the producer confirmed that LAPD agents showed up at the Dolby Theater and asked Rock if he wanted to press charges against him. Smith.

“They said let’s go and get him. We are ready and ready to arrest him now. You can file charges,” the producer said.

According to Packer, as the agents explained the options, Rock, who is also in the conversation, insisted he didn’t want to take any action.

He said, “There was even a point where I said, ‘Rock, let them finish’.”

But the comedian apparently insisted he didn’t want them to do anything, and the producer didn’t interact with Smith either.

This statement contrasts with a statement in which the Hollywood Academy said it asked Smith to leave the party after the incident, but he refused, despite acknowledging he “could have handled the situation differently.”

Such an assertion was questioned by some of the party’s staff, interviewed by Variety, who confirmed that such an option was considered but that the actor’s departure was never suggested.

The Hollywood Academy on Wednesday invited actor Will Smith to give a written statement about his behavior at Sunday’s Academy Awards.

The representative has 15 days to make that statement before the Academy takes “any disciplinary action” on April 18, which could be “suspension, expulsion, or any other punishment permitted by law.”

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One of the party’s hosts, Wanda Sykes, made ugly on Ellen DeGeneres’ show out of the Academy’s grace with the actor.

“You’re robbing somebody, they took you out of the building and that’s it. But to let it pass…I thought it was disgusting,” said Sykes, who then had to climb onto the stage to continue hosting the party.

Similarly, the presenter considered that the fact that Smith was allowed to enjoy the rest of the ceremony and accepted the Oscars sends a “wrong message” to onlookers.

The Academy also raised the tone in its latest statement, calling Smith’s behavior “extremely shocking and distressing to watch in person and on TV.”

Similarly, he apologized to Rock, thanking him for his “steadfastness on the stage.”

“We also apologize to our candidates, guests and viewers for what happened during what should have been a celebratory event,” he added.

“Things developed in a way that we did not expect,” the organization justified. EFE

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