April 22, 2024

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Postponing the reactivation of murders under the dictatorship in Brazil

Postponing the reactivation of murders under the dictatorship in Brazil

The digital edition of the newspaper “O Tiempo” alluded to this fact, and indicated that this council, whose mission is to investigate crimes committed during that military period, was extinguished during the government of former President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022).

According to information received from interlocutors interviewed by O Tempo in Brasilia, the families of the victims are trying to exert pressure, but so far no significant progress has been made in this regard.

The Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship led the process of reviving the committee, but there is still no specific date for its completion.

The above is due to the fact that responsibility for the matter, from a bureaucratic perspective, no longer belongs to that portfolio and is now in the hands of the president of the country.

A source consulted by the newspaper confirmed that the reactivation will not happen this year, mainly because the founder of the Labor Party is avoiding conflicts with the military. Improving the relationship with this group is one of its priorities.

From this standpoint, the government decided to cancel other activities related to the sixtieth anniversary of the 1964 military coup, which took place on Sunday.

Lula said last week that he likes “highly qualified” armed forces to ensure peace.

In his speeches, he focuses on condemning the coup attempt on January 8, 2023, rather than highlighting the military regime.

But allies from the government base consulted by O Tempo expressed frustration with the decision, considering it a political mistake not to hold a public demonstration around that moment.

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To alleviate this discomfort, Ministries Square members are allowed to participate as guests in events related to this topic.

One of them will happen tomorrow, when the Brasilia Amnesty Commission will rule on an apology for the lands of the Krenac indigenous people, as well as compensation in the case of the nine Chinese nationals who were sentenced to imprisonment during the official administration and subsequently expelled from Brazil. .

The trial of Clarice Herzog, wife of journalist Vladimir Herzog, who died and was tortured during the military regime, is scheduled for April 3.

The publication notes that Adriano Codato, associate professor of political science at the Federal University of the southern state of ParanĂ¡, believes that the choice made by Lula appears not to have burdened the agenda of his third government, which is full of difficult and controversial issues. He inherited much from the previous presidential administration.