January 17, 2022

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Premier League: Christian Eriksen is ready to return... and the Premier is interested in him

Premier League: Christian Eriksen is ready to return… and the Premier is interested in him

sEight more than half a year after the collapse of the eurozone, Christian Eriksen He is ready to return to football. The Danish midfielder is out of contract to join him Inter de Milan Because Italian law forbids you to play with electric shock device Having been transplanted after a heart attack, he is looking for equipment with which he can re-enter and prepare for his return to competition.

201 days after doctors saved his life, Eriksen scores again

And there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of suggestions. the Ajax He was open to accepting him in their training camp, so many Danish clubs have approached him considering a future addition…and now leading He watches their steps and closely follows their decision to return to the field.

Martin Schutts, his representative, spoke to the Daily Mail about the footballer’s progress and the tests he underwent: “I carried out all the controls just before Christmas and The results were very good We expect him to take part in group training with a team in January.”

Obviously when he joins a team after his departure from Inter. Eriksen wants to come back. “Italy is one of the only countries that apply these regulations. It is completely different in other countries. His contract with Inter has been terminated and now we can look forward, Christian is very ambitious“.

This is how Eriksen returned to the Inter Sports Center to continue his recovery

Can Christian Eriksen play again?

Yes, but not in Italy. The defibrillator implanted after the European Cup’s success disables him from playing in the Trans-Alpine country, but not in other leagues with different legislation. Daley BlindFor example, an Ajax player, wears one and plays without problems in AirDevice.

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December 2 was the date when Eriksen felt like a footballer again. Enter dans facilities Odense, the club in which it was formed, and on the seventeenth of the same month, it was announced the termination of his contract with Inter. Since then, Eriksen’s goal has been to return, step by step, to football practice. The next step is to return to training with the group to prepare for a comeback that will undoubtedly be praised and adored.