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Premier League: Raul Jimenez: 'Doctors told me she was a miracle survivor'

Premier League: Raul Jimenez: ‘Doctors told me she was a miracle survivor’


08/18/2021 –

WLOne of the good news brought by the first day of the English Premier League the he is back In the official competition Recorded by Raul Jimenez. Wolves suffered forward skull fracture Last November, he miraculously recovered from it. The Mexican spoke, in an interview with Watchman, About his serious injury and reveals that doctors They told him it was a miracle that he survived the hard blow Suffered in the head in Clash with David Luiz..

“The doctors said it was a miracle,” Jimenez recalls, referring to first conversations with the surgeons who operated on him. “His skull was broken and there was some bleeding inside the brainSo the surgery had to be quick. It was a very good job by the doctors.”

You don’t remember anything that happened

The operation was a success, but then some difficult news came. Doctors told him that he might never be able to resume his career. “From the first moment I was informed of the dangers. They have to tell you the truth and you have to accept it. The skull fracture took a little longer than we all expected to heal, but It’s a miracle to be here“.

wolves attacker He has vague memories of the moment the day you got hurt. “I remember we got to the stadium, I left my things in the locker room, I went out with my teammates to see the pitch and then went back to the changing room, and after that it looked like the lights went out. I don’t remember anything else. I can remember the first time I woke up in the hospital and I can remember a few other things from the hospital, but nothing is really clear.”

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Jimenez is gone 10 days in hospital before going home. He also had the opportunity to see what the coup was like with David Luiz. “I asked the doctor to send me videos from different sides of the field. For me it was like it never happened because I don’t remember“.

It was a long recovery and the doctors were fully aware of everything the attacker could and couldn’t do. “I was like the best player in the world, I ran above everyone else because no one was allowed in. The hardest part was the last month of last season. I felt ready, but the surgeons’ decision was that my skull had not fully recovered. This is something you cannot feel. You think you’re ready, but you’re not.”

1 tied with head protection, for now

As a precaution, Wolves still limit the number of heads they make in practice. “Just for two more months,” Jimenez added. In the first match of the Prime Minister, He wore it and never gave up on the challenge of heading the ball against Leicester And as he was doing, he fought each ball as if it were the last.

“It was great to be back,” Jimenez said, expressing his appreciation for the reception from the fans and even from the opponents. “Most of the Leicester players came to me, like VardyAnd MadisonAnd dresser to tell me it was I’m honored to be there playing with me on my first comeback. I felt good about it.”