June 23, 2024

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PS5 profitability is the best in PlayStation history

PS5 profitability is the best in PlayStation history

PlayStation history has a new king of profitability as a console: PlayStation 5, maintaining a level of active users similar to that of PS4 with more hours of play.

Sony reveals that Cost effectiveness PS5 vs. Playstation 4, PS3 And PS2 Full, so much so date to Play Station He has a new milestone with generation Current l keyboard This is their sales And Enter They are total.

the The PlayStation 5 generation is now the most profitable in the history of its consoles, even more so than the PlayStation 2; Something that may surprise many because The best-selling console in history.

In the Graphics You can watch this PlayStation 3 had a slight increase in profits compared to its predecessorbut it wasn’t such a big jump Sony’s previous generation console.

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Added to that Monthly active split on both Sony PlayStation consoles Identical, however Total hours played are much higher on PS5.

It seems that the company is now looking to expand into new devices and offer PlayStation to players who do not own one of these devices.”Through peripheral devices“diverse.

PlayStation has detailed its strategy with video games, including single-player adventures, multiplayer, evolution, and games as a service; In addition to studies that work in each category.

In these sections, you can see their commitment to PlayStation Portal and PS VR2, to expanding the appeal they can offer and the experience with the new DualSense, headsets and Access.

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Although many users criticize this because they fear a price increase, as they did when they increased the price of the PS5 and other bad news in this generation of consoles.

But what’s worse for them is that they brag about it being him The most profitable console in PlayStation history In the meantime, announce layoffs throughout your department.

The PS5 is the most profitable console in PlayStation history

The London studio closed its doors after 22 years, taking with it A A promising fantasy game for PlayStation Which was still under development for its consoles.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the company’s future, especially considering the fluctuations we have witnessed throughout these months.

Sony announces that the PS5 is the most profitable console in PlayStation history And maintains a The level of active users is similar to that of PS4 with more hours of gameplay.