April 22, 2024

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Public Health organizes Rabies Vaccination Day in Los Rios

Public Health organizes Rabies Vaccination Day in Los Rios

As part of a trip National Rabies VaccinationThis Sunday, Health Area VI carried out an intervention in the La Yuca neighborhood of Los Ríos.

According to the Zoonoses Disease Coordinator, Carlos Eduardo Dalmão, District VI seeks to affect more than 60,000 animals with this event.

It’s a journey that attempts to impact at least 1 million animals and 300,000 cats across the country. Today is day three, although we will be vaccinating throughout November and urge all residents to let us go home because rabies is a vaccine-preventable disease.”

The doctor pointed out that the most important places in the sixth region are Los Rios, Los Girasole and Arroyo Hondo, due to the high numbers of dogs they register.

“They are the places where the greatest number of attacks are seen and the numbers of dogs exceed the targets we are trying to achieve,” he said.

The day that began on October 29 and extends throughout November, So far, it has affected 20,000 animals.

The vet also explained that in order to develop vaccination, they have enabled vaccination sites in parks, primary care centers, schools, colleges and community boards.

In addition, they will vaccinate every home and ask for the cooperation of citizens.

“We cooperate with the brigade and we go to all sectors on foot and in vehicles and we have mobile stations, so there are many places they can go to find the vaccine,” Dalmau explained.