April 12, 2024

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Qatar Executive receives three more Gulfstream G650ER aircraft

Qatar Executive receives three more Gulfstream G650ER aircraft

Qatar Executive has taken delivery of three more Gulfstream G650ER aircraft, confirming its position as the largest owner and operator of this ultra-modern aircraft, with a total of 11 aircraft in its fleet. The three new aircraft will operate long-range strategic routes to Africa, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific regions and Europe.

The Qatari executive also plans to receive its twelfth Gulfstream G650ER before the end of the year. This aircraft is one of the most sought after by elite travelers around the world due to its impressive range capabilities, industry-leading cabin technology, fuel efficiency and unparalleled passenger comfort. This modern aircraft can fly longer distances than any other aircraft in its class, with an impressive range of 13,890 kilometres.

Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker said: “Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we continue to invest in our fleet, operating the world’s most modern, fuel-efficient and most technologically advanced aircraft. We are pleased to receive three Gulfstream G650ER aircraft and look forward To receive our twelfth aircraft of this type within two weeks, which It will allow us to meet the increasing demand, especially during the New Year period. This strategic investment in sustainable twin-engine aircraft has enabled us to continue to fly through these challenging times. With global travel recovering, our customers can trust us to fly greener and smarter. “

The Qatar business jet G650ER can operate non-stop from Doha to New York in around 13 hours and from Doha to Seoul in just over eight hours. Flying faster and farther than any other business jet, the G650ER is ideal for those whose travel needs include flights around half the world. Gulfstream’s innovative clean wing designs deliver a standard combination of speed, range, exceptional comfort and improved aerodynamic efficiency to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Last month, Qatar Business Jets conducted a flight to supply aircraft, using certified sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which marked another milestone for the Qatar Airways Group and confirmed its leadership in one of the largest fleets in the world. As a global launch client, The Qatar Executive is excited about its planned deliveries of the new Gulfstream G700, which is capable of operating with 100% of the Pakistan Air Force.

In August 2021, the Qatar Airways Group’s private charter aircraft division unveiled the world’s first Gulfstream G700 aircraft in Doha, Qatar. Equipped with the new Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines and an advanced high-speed wing design, the G700 is able to fly at record speed and range with exceptional environmental efficiency, promoting sustainable business aviation. The G700 will be the latest addition to Qatar’s modern fleet of long-haul and long-haul business jets. The executive flight provider has commissioned 10 of the world’s most spacious business jets It will take delivery of the first aircraft from the Gulfstream assembly line in Georgia, USA, in 2022.

In addition to Gulfstream G650ERs, the Qatari business fleet includes three Bombardier Global 5000s, one Bombardier Global XRS, one Airbus A319ACJ and one Airbus A319, bringing the current fleet to 17 aircraft.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the average monthly booked hours in Qatar’s executive management grew by 76% compared to the previous year and Booking requests increased by more than 100%. This strong growth came as a result of new strategies implemented by Qatar Businessmen, which include offering customized and tailored flight hour packages to meet the needs of customers.

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The Qatari Executive Leadership has remained flexible, innovative and resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on its core mission of getting people home safely and quickly. Although Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the business aviation industry and has witnessed A global reduction of approximately 48% in working hours and extra-long market trips, The Qatari executive faced the challenge and seized the pandemic as an opportunity to introduce operational and commercial changes that would reduce business impact, while maintaining the same levels of luxury that its customers are accustomed to.