April 13, 2024

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Queen's League: Pique responds to the “stick” of a Queen's League player: “I call them populists”

Queen's League: Pique responds to the “stick” of a Queen's League player: “I call them populists”

toto Kings League Information Jobs I was born over a year ago, that January 1, 2023 Where the ball started rolling in Cobra Arena. Later the women's competition will arrive, Queens LeagueAnd the thing that I've always strived to pursue with this project is… Comparison with the male. Spectators, conditions or shirt sales were the most comparable aspects between both projects.

A few weeks ago, something made this person come backPique between leagues This was announced Kings World CupBut only for the Kings Leaguesomething I felt bad among the players. But the “icing on the cake” was the advertisement The last four While he was in the department Men we will see the semi-finals and finalin it feminine We'll just have fun The last match of the second division From competition.

Pique responds to a Queen's League player

Yesterday was great Advertisement in After Kings, Monday programme, that is All teams will travel to Mexico to play the World Cup, Since those who have to play Repost They will also do so on Mexican soil, something that was not planned because it is a “last chance.” It was scheduled to be held at the Cobra Arena.

behind this, Marina Barneda, Borcinas' goalkeeper She posted a message on social networks: “How easy it is to do All Kings League teams go to Mexico And how difficult it is to make it so Queens League 2 teams qualify for the finals in Madrid…”

Gerard Pique in the Queen's League

These statements have arrived Gerrard Pique During the program and the league president He responded So: “They are two different leagues People have to understand this. We were Pioneers in launching the Queen's League That no one expected, the queens are the competition that A lot of people movemore than people could expect and “This comparison is not good for anyone.”

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This is what he said regarding the message. As for the tweet specifically, he answered in a very clear way: “It's the easy tweet that generates a lot of tweets. We already gave the explanations a while ago but we will explain them again as many times as necessary because it's finally here The tweets of what I call populists raise controversy, but there is no controversy.”