July 1, 2022

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Real Madrid and its inexplicable victory from the statistics

Real Madrid and its inexplicable victory from the statistics

No data from the final, not defensive, showing Real Madrid’s superiority over Liverpool

Spain – The Real Madrid He won the fourteenth place European Cupwith a 1-0 victory over Liverpool At the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, in a success that is difficult to explain from the statistics, which indicates the overwhelming dominance of Liverpool, who accidentally collided from Thibaut Courtois, the ‘champions’ goalkeeper, and landed in a shot only on the goal of Madrid.

No piece of data from the final, which is not defensive, shows superiority Real Madrid about Liverpool. Hence the greatness of a sport like football, which rewards Carlo Ancelotti’s team resistance training and his tactical commitment to putting an end to a team that has played just one match without scoring in the last 25 games it has played.

Klopp’s 23 shots hit giant shots. Courtois saved nine goals, especially a remarkable one in six crucial saves that decided the final. four for Mohamed Salah who, far from removing the thorn from Kyiv, deepened his open wound with Real Madrid. Ancelotti’s three shots, only one on target, Vinicius Jr.’s shot into the net and missed two last counter-attacks to win an even bigger advantage on the scoreboard.

vertical Liverpool The speed of their attacks in the transition period is evidenced by the fact that despite making 73 attempts to beat Madrid’s defense, as opposed to Real Madrid’s 24, possession ended at the 50 per cent level. Luka Modric’s growth in the match was a key factor, the improvement of Casemiro who lost many balls in the first term and hesitated in the second.

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But not even in defensive work to get the balls Real Madrid fell back in their court when he scored and Ancelotti abandoned the plan he had designed, with Rodrygo entering and moving to 4-3-3, he did. beat his opponent. The two teams recovered 47 balls, 536 passes out of 611 for the “Reds” (88% success) compared to 446 for the madridistas out of 525 (85%).

Low mass positioning of Ancelotti It caused Liverpool, with more games in their headlines in the last month of the season, to travel more kilometers (114,3 compared to Real Madrid’s 111).

data from UEFA They do not provide any positive record for the Spanish team, which by betting on counter-attack caused more offside (4 vs 1), less dribbling (14 vs 17) and less trampling on key areas of the field (11 vs 20 opponents). He was forced to play for a long time and there were only four passes left in the opponent’s area against 23 of the “reds”.

Only in defense was 90 minutes of extreme intensity action by some players united in the reflexive effort. The madridista saved 8 shots from the opponent, and won 18 matches in 14 of the two matches Liverpoolthey made more successful interventions (15 vs. 9), and cleared the best continuous attacks they received, up to 17.

The final will go down in history as a goalkeeper’s greatest display in a major event. Courtois, with his nine stops, raised the average that already crowned him as the most decisive goalkeeper in the Champions League. As many as 61 passes in the entire competition, averaging 4.7 per game, he has netted his fifth clean sheet in thirteen championship games to shake off the thorn in Lisbon in a big way.

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