July 2, 2022

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Real Madrid: Legendary presidential candidate Santiago Gómez Pintado dies with song "Good for Madrid"

Real Madrid: Legendary presidential candidate Santiago Gómez Pintado dies with song “Good for Madrid”

And theFootball has lost one of its legendary characters because of what is happening outside the green. legendary Santiago Jimez Pintado, President of Otesa – Real Madrid’s sponsor for two seasons – And a candidate for the presidency of the white club in the 1 . elections995 died at the age of 86 (Madrid, 1936).

Sycamore Pintado was a character closely associated with the “White House”. “Montegano“, the name by which he was known, became a footballer during the fifties of the last century. He was part of Real Madrid’s discipline despite not making his official debut, As he explains in his autobiography ‘Otaysa’. The Entrepreneur’s Struggle Against Financial Power’. your generation It was full of legends, such as Di Stefano, Gento or Puskas, as well as being associated with the Santiago Bernabeu and Raimundo Saporta.

Later, he played it Badajoz, Cadiz, Santander and Murcia. Without going any further, it is included in one of the files The perfect 1959 BRAND teams in the ‘Engine Room’. Despite that run in Spanish football, Gómez Pintado is really important for everything that happened on the side of his business.

Especially the car dealership, which includes brands such as Nissan or Seat. Sales volumes reached high (in the thousands) and as soon as they became relevant, I jumped to sponsor Real Madrid. Attia, a patron who is remembered by everyone.

The referee in the “first Tenerife league” which could have been 1-3 for Real Madrid

It was two seasons 1990-1991 and 1991-92 Gómez Pintado spent, according to “El País”, 3.6 million euros for these two years. He’s upped the ante, since Zanussi in 1982 signed a three, and it wouldn’t be until Tika when he climbed to over seven. in sport, Otesa had “Quinta del Buitre”, Hagi, Prosinecki or Hugo Snchez as part of his team. This if, also present in the first lost league in Tenerife (1992). In total, title credit: 1990 Spanish Super Cup.

“Good for Madrid”

Relationship Gomez Pintado will not stay with Real Madrid there, and he will remain a star in one of his most iconic moments. In 1995 he decided to run for president. His unknown opponents were Florentino Perez and Ramon Mendoza, who finally took the “keys” of the first from Concha Espina.

Gomez Pintado, for his part, launched a creative campaign. It was titled “Good for Madrid” Under this slogan, she launched, for example, a sports city project with six mini-cinemas, a library, a nursery, 40 stores and a basketball pavilion.. He fell undefeated and from that moment on I had no good memory with Florentino Breezewho came to accuse him of using the fund for his own benefit.

Gomez Pintado gradually moved away from the spotlight later on. For the most part, And it ended up drowning Otessa. On the one hand, they were accused of “creating a fraud” for using used parts to repair vehicles under warranty. The process will take longer, lose its core supporters, and not function as well as in the past. After 22 years, his death was known.

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