May 27, 2022

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Reveal playoff date, time and "luxury" location between Costa Rica and New Zealand

Reveal playoff date, time and “luxury” location between Costa Rica and New Zealand

The Costa Rican team learned the date, time and venue of the expected playoff play against New Zealand, where Qatar will define their place in the 2022 World Cup.

“The decisive match for the Qatar World Cup will be between Costa Rica and New Zealand on June 14 at 12 noon Costa Rica (same time as El Salvador). This was confirmed by FIFA, the organizer of the repechage, in an official note sent to the Costa Rican Soccer Federation (Fedefútbol).

The tournament will be held at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar, which will also be used for the World Cup. The national team plans to start working with local players from May 16, and the rest of the Legionnaires, who have been called up by coach Luis Fernando Suarez, will be slightly added.

“The Diego representative is scheduled to travel to Qatar via Miami on June 6, with enough time to practice on June 7,” Fedefútbol added.

Costa Rica will have a very tight schedule in early June because it will have to play in the first two games of the Congolese Nations League before the playoffs. The clash will take place first against Panama (June 2) and against Martinique at home (June 5, at the National Stadium).

Since the rhythm of the tournament is important and there will be no competition for local footballers from May 15, a month before the playoffs, this situational training program is planned in great detail by the staff. However, there is a higher risk if it is used for a measured base against New Zealand players in the League of Nations.

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Led by Luis Fernando Suarez, he finished fourth in the Congolese octagon in a fantastic second round with 19 points (six wins and a draw) from 21 possible points. Of course, the most important step in advancing to the World Cup is not yet over, everything will be defined in a single match in Doha.

To confirm this, Fedefútbol said there will be a public presence at the stand and Fedefútbol will “receive details of ticket sales in May and inform fans in a timely manner”.

To take the long-awaited step towards the World Cup, the national team will face Spain, Germany and Japan, who are located in Group E and are known as the team of death.

Luxury stadium
The Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar is one of the architectural gemstones on display at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Country.

The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 spectators and is practically new because it was completely demolished in 2015 and a new and technological structure was built on its foundation, which, in addition to repechage, will host six matches of the team level (including one national team).

The venue reopened in December 2020 and, among its specialties, has cooling technology that maintains the optimum temperature for football training with indoor air conditioning, especially in June, which is one of the hottest seasons in the region.

As with other World Cup venues, once the competition is over, the capacity of the stadium will be halved and abandoned structures and seats will be donated to developing countries.

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