May 20, 2024

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Ricardo Gareca: “Gary Medel is a leader”

Ricardo Gareca: “Gary Medel is a leader”

Ricardo Gareca I spoke deeply with ESPN F90 ChileThis is the occasion on which the new coach of the Chilean national team referred to the present Gary MedillFor his role in La Roja and “The golden generation”a great team, had to face Peru on several occasions.

Regarding the two-time American champion midfielder, and current captain of Vasco da Gama, he noted: “He is an important reference, he is a leader, he has always expressed himself this way on the field, so we will see (in which position we will use him)… We have to see his current situation and what we should do.” “I want him, but without a doubt, he is a player who deserves a lot of respect.”

In this sense, and with regard to the contribution that “Pitbull” and other experienced players from the golden generation can make to this team, Gareca stressed that “As long as it's still valid and one considers it competitive, I wouldn't dare say in its entirety, all together, because it's difficult because of a lot of things, age, time, but to the extent that they feel competitive, of course I would take it into consideration.”

“We are not closing the door to anyone, neither to the young player nor to the most experienced player in Chile. The most important thing is that we make all the commitments that we have to play for us. The qualifiers are determined by the details, by each match, and by each commitment.” “It's a different call… You have to be alert, because we're going to need everyone.”“, detail.

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Finally, remember the “tiger”. “Constant worry” What was born was that Chile won the Copa America twice and qualified for Brazil 2014.

“Chile was a constant worry; we had to cover Marcelo Díaz, because he was distributing, we had to cover the exits of (Mauricio) Isla, Alexis (Sanchez), (Eduardo) Vargas, and there was Medel's mood, at another time.” “There was (Jorge) Valdivia…so it was very difficult to control him in many aspects.”I finish.