August 19, 2022

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Rigoberta Bandini shows off the summer alteration of I Mama's dress |  Fashion and beauty

Rigoberta Bandini shows off the summer alteration of I Mama’s dress | Fashion and beauty

Rigoberta Bandini Proved to be excellent fashion victim Since we followed in his footsteps in Benidorm Festival. The long dress as an infinity fabric, designed by him Joan Rosswhich he used to perform Mom Do not leave anyone indifferent.

No details missing: The third eye on the chest, the empress on the belly, and the words “breast” and anito (yes, referring to broth) embodied in the cloth undoubtedly caught everyone’s attention.

Now, with summer coming, The garment has undergone the necessary conditioning to withstand high temperatures. The dress became shorter and more breathable than two pieces: shorts and a shirt.

The collection continues to preserve the details of Aneto and the third eye. However, the Empress has disappeared (her presence was sacrificed for the sake of freshness). Or we can say that it is Paula Repo herself who embodies this figure. As for the “breast”, the artist also took care to look at what is written only in principle.

“Moreno tapete on point” was one of the comments he received from him Anajo, a former OT 2020 contestant. The rest of the followers stated that they love him and need him. There is no better way to beat the heat.

original dress

At the end of January, Rigoberta Bandini presented her outfit at the Benidorm Festival under the nomination I Mama, a song with which she competed to represent Spain at Eurovision.

“The work that Joan Ross did is so powerful that I don’t even know where to start. She not only designed, manufactured and made my dress but the clothes of all the people on stage. (Within a month) Thank you You Joan🥺🤍”, the artist expressed in Social Media.

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Joanne Ross: “Wardrobe is a shout out for moms. For moms-to-be. For altruistic time, like a crochet rug. Dedicated hours to beautify life, to make everything softer. To give a space where she rests, and where to be safe. To the stoic power of moving forward. Elements The song’s piercings give the effect of a tattoo. The song’s message is inside, forever. It’s not a motto, it’s flaws, marks, and wounds that carry on forever. A suit is a tribute to a woman’s body. Show it as it is, without rhinestones, without adornment. No body needs more than this. … a tribute to all bodies, to the beauty of nudity and what made us think they were imperfections,” the designer explained.