May 21, 2024

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Rob Iniesta announces new tour with message to Extremodoro: “I now have the best band”

Rob Iniesta is back on the road. Perhaps not in the way the singer, guitarist, and composer imagined it to be but, as he admits, “You have to play whatever it takes.” After Mayrapeutics launched at the end of April in full controversy over the cancellation of the Extremodoro farewell tourPlacentino’s musician is laying the groundwork for what will be his second solo tour, which will begin on September 4th in Granada.

We have been in a pandemic for a year and a half and we have to adapt to the circumstancesThings can’t continue to surprise us. Tickets will not go on sale until fifteen days before each concert. If things get worse and capacity is reduced, tickets will be more expensive. “We cannot remain unemployed any longer,” explains Iniesta, who does not wish to experience a situation similar to the one caused by Extremodoro’s angry followers.

We are a tourist and cultural country. The world of music is always up to date, help is minimal. That’s why it’s time to adapt and play whatever it takes,” adds the musician, who clearly can’t escape questions about his former band.

Extremoduro is a decadent group. He was touring farewell can not be, and I don’t know what will happen to that. When we know what’s going to happen, I’ll tell you all. ”, confirmed Rob, who nevertheless confirms songs from the legendary band in his group.

Keep in mind that it also leaves a message about whether it was ever better. “I like what I’m doing, it would be a shame if I only liked what I did thirty years ago. I think I have the best band I’ve ever had. We are more group than Extremodoro in many things. How do we do songs or how do we take artistic directions. There is good harmony,” he emphasizes his fellow adventurers.

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for this reason, Rob and his gang Comprised of Alvaro Rodriguez (piano and swing), Carlitos Perez (violin), Albert Fuentes (drums), Woody Amores (guitar), and David Lerman (bass), they will tour the nineteen points of Spanish geography. “It’s so hard it’s over, but my life isn’t overDitch Rob Iniesta.

Extremodoro: The Controversy That Never Stops

after cancellation The farewell tour of Extremodoro in a “mono” way, according to separate statements from Inaki “Uhu” Anton, the other interested Extremodoro, and promoter, Rob Iniesta, a little more than three months ago, gave his account of what happened.

They say the Extremodoro tour is in my hands. Do not believe, it is a lie. For the religious, it is in the hands of God, and for the atheists, it is in the hands of knowledge. To this day, no one can confirm, with the slightest certainty, that the concerts will take place in 2022 no matter how much they sign on a piece of paper. I cannot commit myself again while the pandemic continues,” Iniesta confirmed in a statement posted to Extremoduro’s Facebook profile. Meanwhile, a crowd of band followers are still waiting for certainty.