May 23, 2022

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Rosario Dawson saves an effective sci-fi miniseries on HBO Max that doesn't delve into the intriguing premise of the original comic

Rosario Dawson saves an effective sci-fi miniseries on HBO Max that doesn’t delve into the intriguing premise of the original comic

I admit I really wanted to seeDMZquote from the homonymous comedy that comes from the hand Ava DuVernay (As producer and director of the first episode), Roberto Patino, screenwriter and parachute hbo max for everything else. The result is four hours, through thick and thin, It seems somewhat insufficient to explore this world.

Rosario Dawson headed production as Alma Ortega, a physician as such caring for immigrants and refugees during a future second American Civil War. Soon she will decide to enter the demilitarized zone in Manhattan to search for her son, who was left behind during the evacuation of the island.

He distances himself from the comics

There are things that are a bit surprising when you see this adaptation, especially if you’ve read the comics, and I’m not exactly referring to How do they take different paths (Alternatives) When exploring the history of demilitarized Manhattan.

I mean, beyond being in the world he created Brian Wood and Riccardo Borcelli, they have nothing to do with comics and series except for the participation of characters. Both because of the time frame (here eight years have passed since the start of the war instead of five) and the characters (in the comics Alma/Z never left the island). Needless to say, there is no trace of the journalist starring in the comic.

On the other hand, he notes that Roberto Patino has in his resume being a screenwriter for series like ‘sons of anarchy“. There is a huge influence here in style and presentation This story is as a family tragedy in a criminal environment. Also in the tunes, in just over five minutes the introduction is given to us.

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Something I highlight because currently miniseries are not very fast moving in their presentation. We can practically say that “DMZ” has more string rhythm than network Or basic cable from HBO to Netflix. The problem is that she has That same shallow depth in a peek into a country at war.

And this is where fiction probably fails the most, and we can say it separates itself from the comics. After him because the dialogues remind him And from some frontier appearance of the armed forces, rather than a demilitarized zone cut off from the rest of the world, we seem to be in a ‘neighbourhood’.West side storyThere is no sense of comedy danger and much less imperfection.

This lack of sense of urgency, that we are in a world in vain, raises many points from a proposition that starts from the same premise. More than a second civil war, we are facing a guerrilla war and the election of a ruler is the common denominator. And time (four hours) is not an excuse, because they are things that can be shown even in a limited time.

In short, what remains is that, despite its effectiveness as a story, “DMZ” It’s more general than it promises In his picture of demilitarized New York. Not only if we compare it to the comic, but as a separate work, its setting often fails.