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SAP is “embedding” every generative AI technology on the market into its operations with the Joule co-pilot

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It was the sweet moment. Scott RussellThe SAP Executive Board member began by warning that “sugar is part of life, but it also generates incredible economic growth.”

He indicated activity Eswatini Royal Sugar, a company that exploits two-thirds of the sugar in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and also produces 35 million liters of ethanol for fuel. However, your IT manager, Rob CompHe presents it as “a small company with 6,000 employees, managing seven villages, schools and clinics…”

Coombe adds that they are in the process of digitizing and adapting to the public cloud, which is why it was one of the customers invited by SAP to attend its event. Barcelona Sapphireconcludes that they achieved a 15% reduction in IT spending, while increasing efficiency in their operations.

“It’s just that we have it Very cheap technologyRussell exploded with happiness as the audience applauded.

These are the things that happen in these kind of huge meetings Nearly 5,000 attendees, when the organization can offer grateful customers who know, in addition, how to safely navigate the vicissitudes of living in remote places, 70 kilometers from the nearest store, relying on trucks that sometimes require repair. The cloud seems to bring everything closer.

This may also be the case for the Spanish wine production company founded in 1835 in Jerez de la Frontera, e.g. Gonzalez Bias. Your SAP project manager, Elizabeth Braza, tells how they have improved by 100% recycling their glass, plastic, paper and packaging processes. At the same time, it is tackling the plastic tax, replacing as much of its packaging as possible with bioplastic from sugarcane.

Your contribution to this event has to do with management Suppliers Through RDP, which can also be applied to its production centers in Chile and Mexico. Sustainability and efficiency are the keywords of the course.

success stories

And so, like other customers Beyond Gravity, Coop, or Kone, they tell their success stories, stimulating a business audience that was very familiar with technological developments. SAP introduced it a week ago at the Sapphire World Expo in Orlando.

There is, for example, agreement Cooperation with Nvidia To develop Programming AI Enterprise and integration into SAP Programming Omniverse programming software, from the chip manufacturer, for developing specialized interfaces or APIs, for example, in translating between different programming languages ​​used by AI developers.

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All this while focusing on the main novelty, which is of course generative AI. SAP announces that it is “integrating and customizing” it throughout its operations, applying existing generative AI in the market, through “Joule, which acts as a co-pilot for everything” in its business technology platform, as explained by the CEO Christian Klein.

The disruptors asked Klein three specific questions JulesSAP’s own artificial intelligence, whose role may seem somewhat confusing at first.

The explanation is that the platform “integrates” other AI systems, e.g copilot From Microsoft, twin From Google etc., through Joule’s generated AI, is it because Joule acts as a kind of interface?

“There are a lot of co-pilots out there. Every technology company says theirs is the best… The difference is that when you work with SAP You don’t have to incorporate the heart of a co-pilot that you want to use. You can use the tool out of the box and don’t need someone from your IT department to integrate it. but [Joule] It’s not just an interface: [la IA ‘externa’] “It’s deeply integrated into our product,” Klein responds to the second question.

The first had to do with Jules’ ability to speak languages. now It is expressed in English only. “Many other languages ​​will be available in the third quarter,” Klein explains. “And starting in July, Spanish will be one of them.”

The third answer explains the source of the name that SAP applied to its AI. Those joules indicate Power unit What we call in Spanish is the joule, which measures the amount of energy or heat. Which means AI “releases energy,” adds the marketing director. Julia White.

One of the talks held during the Barcelona event.

The use of the name in physics pays tribute to the British James Prescott Joelwho in the nineteenth century investigated and made significant contributions to the field of thermodynamics.

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Regarding the AI ​​named Jules, Head of Product Engineering, Mohammed Allam, has something to add: “We have ready-to-use scenarios, but we continue testing to check which large language model works best, to automatically determine the most appropriate model, the one that can produce the most reliable results.” It’s part of Goal’s mission.

Allam explains that the concept of “scenarios” has nothing to do with organizing a company’s specific workflow. “AI is very difficult to apply at this level,” he says. Regarding the general mission, he suggests the need for a “holistic vision.”

What they offer Scenarios “They are steps,” which are concrete tasks for generative AI.

“Among the OpenAI models, we work with Microsoft Azure, because it offers a lot Security and privacy. We have to make sure that our customers’ data does not flow into Microsoft’s public or proprietary model. With other models we do the same thing.”

A scientist mentions that in developing application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect their clients to different intelligences,… Data isolation and residency requirements they may have. “If some type of model needs to be created using customer data, this will be done on our website, without contributing to the overall model.”

50 scenarios

“The nice thing is that we integrate the applications so the customer doesn’t have to worry about them. We make sure of that Choose the most appropriate AI In every case. The client only has to think about this if he is building his own scenario and needs to test the model that gives the best results himself. “You don’t have to enter into contracts with different entities,” Allam adds.

But we ask that the client must then be very clear about what they intend to achieve. And it’s not always easy.

“The scenarios we work with are validated by early customers who have used them and given us feedback. Now Most of them can simply consume themHe confirms that communication via Goal takes place in natural language.

To better explain what is meant by this concept of scenarios, Allam A Simple example: “You have to make a budget for the trip, and to do that, you have to visit different sites, compare the cost of flights and other things. Now, you ask the MBA to do the estimate, on certain dates, and they solve the problem. The client doesn’t need to think about it “If the stage is worth it, you should just use it.”

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“We have about fifty scenarios available, and At the end of the year it will be one hundredFor direct use by our customers. If one suits you, you can use it. And if you need something unique, and it’s not among those hundreds, you can build it yourself in our app. “We have hundreds of customers who are already using it,” he adds.

On the other hand, it also emphasizes that SAP is building “a Foundational model“The AI, which by the way doesn’t have a dedicated name, was trained using data from customers” who allowed it to do so.

In the company’s diagram of its AI technology platform, three layers appear. At the base there is this basic model and in the intermediate layer there are “embedded” generative AI systems, with access through so-called Center for Generative Artificial Intelligence. The top tier is occupied by the co-pilot, Jules, as the controller of everything.

Klein emphasizes that all of this is contained in one contract, which is the contract that every customer signs with SAP.

Philip HerzigHead of Artificial Intelligence (the abbreviation of his position is curious: CAIO), specifies that what this structure aims to do is, first and foremost, give “a direct advantage to customers with a new tool.”

“Secondly,” he continues, “first class [Joule] Do You don’t have to be a data scientist To benefit from artificial intelligence. “It is the only platform that provides access to all AI models, with the best and cheapest technology.”

The third point is the promise to apply ethical and responsible standards in this use of artificial intelligence. SAP is assumed Ethical principles Amnesty International recommended by UNESCO.

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