May 20, 2024

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Schedules, activities and artists who will be at the WiZink Center

Schedules, activities and artists who will be at the WiZink Center

AndIn 2023 we are already living Queens and Kings League Finals In the Spanish capital, specifically in Civitas Metropolitano. thus, Madrid Getting ready again for another finals experience Next April 20, 2024 Which promises football, entertainment and a lot of scenes.

The WiZink Center will host the first finals of the year, The two winning teams in both competitions will be determined. Timetables are already officially known and Everything will start around 4:00pm (Spanish time)Even though it's an hour and a half before the doors open Public access Buses are also scheduled to arrive at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Queens and Kings League Finals schedule at WiZink Centre

Speaking of parties, Kings League semi-final will be disputed At 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm, respectively. After that we will have a short break and approx 7:30 pm Determining the first champion team will begin with Queen's League Grand Final. For the final Kings League We'll have to wait for that 21:30 (Spanish time).

Kings GP and Open Shootout VIP

Before and after matches there will also be show time With the organization of the two tournaments. One of them would be the Kart Grand Prix though GB Kings In the early afternoon. There will be up to three races during the hour that we will see Figures like Jorge Lorenzo behind the wheel.

Later, just before the Queen's League final, a penalty shootout tournament was called “Open VIP Crossfire”Many well-known faces will participate in it, such as: anna Pelletero, the Marquez brothers And even Belen Esteban.

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All Kings GP and Open Shootout VIP participants at WiZink Center

Artists who will perform at the WiZink Center

As with every in-person event last year 2023, this new year will be no less so and faithful WiZink Center You can also enjoy premium artists such as Maria Becerra, “The Avengers” and Psycho, Which will delight the audience with some of their best songs. The musical show is scheduled shortly before the Kings League Grand Final. That is, before 9:30 pm.

Artists are invited to attend the Queens and Kings League Finals at the WiZink Center