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Season 3 of the Winx saga on Netflix?

Season 3 of the Winx saga on Netflix?

MADRID, September 20 (Culture and Entertainment) –

season 2 of Destiny: Winx Saga He brought fans back to the magical school Alfea. It was last September 16th when the new episodes were released on Netflix and, Having quickly become one of the most viewed titles on the platformViewers are already wondering if the production will feature a third installment.

((Warning: This news contains spoilers))

The second season ends in a cliffhanger that sets the stage for an all-new adventure for Bloom (Abigail Quinn). After she and her close friends set up a circle for Make the most of your power And defeating Sebastian (Eanna Hardwicke), Bloom decides it’s time to learn more about her past and He sets off on a perilous journey to a new world, leaving behind an Alfie.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed Season 3 yet but based on that End of the second batchEverything indicates that there will be new chapters. To this we have to add that modeler Brian Young already has some ideas for the next installment. “The goal is to answer the question about what the world of darkness is. How do Bloom and her mother communicate with that? Also, how does that relate to our overarching mythology, which we were involved with in Season Two?he explained to EW.

If Netflix renews Fate: The Winx Saga for a third season, it likely won’t hit the streaming service until late 2023 or early 2024. This estimate is based on the fact that season two took just over 18 months to reach the platform after the first season was released..

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