July 1, 2022

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See everything companies do to sell you their products

See everything companies do to sell you their products

In the face of the new digital user, brands are increasingly seeking to find data in the conversations that consumers engage in

Every day, consumers participate in thousands of conversations, with companies and among peers, on social networks, platforms and even WhatsApp, a trend that brands seeking to increase their sales are increasingly interested in, so Customer Support He’s transforming with unprecedented speed.

In fact, in the market Consumer centricAnd the The Speech Analytics At a rate of 28.82% for the whole of 2022. And in front of this new digital user, Companies have necessarily had to adapt to the normalcy of being online. So everyone who wants to provide excellent customer service (good is not enough anymore) then They will need to understand what data they have to look at and what you are telling them.

“This has created a new opportunity for companies: a comprehensive analysis of customer conversations and feedback can quickly find opportunities to improve various business processes and key decisions on concrete data. In this way, It is possible to vigorously enhance and improve the customer experiencewhich translates into: greater loyalty, brand awareness, increased revenue and even lower costs by implementing efficient processes that include automation and Artificial intelligence‘,” explains Laura Fabro, Kenwin’s chief marketing officer.

The customer service model is changing at a rapid pace.

Customers seek immediate attention

The demand for answers and needs in the areas of customer service have changed. However, something crosses them which is Consumer Concern.

“One of the new challenges in the areas of customer service is omnichannelAndrés Rantica, CSO at WITBOR, says: Significantly and concurrently different service channels have been set up to meet customer demand.

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What happened is that the pandemic deepened and accelerated the processes, creating new channels. “Small and medium businesses or entrepreneurs who receive orders by mail only, now have inquiries by direct message on Instagram or Facebook, receive orders by WhatsApp, and some internal mail from an app. The multiplicity of channels overwhelmed the ability to pay attention and follow-up to any request, demand or need of customersRantika adds.

That is why we must add that day Everything has to happen now. “Customers don’t know when software tools will be implemented. They need to know what happened to their order, where it is, if there is a stock replenishment and when a particular product is back. Until recently, the normal waiting time for a response was 48 hours. Does anyone imagine that a company that wants to be successful today can withstand even 3 hours?Rantika asks.

Artificial intelligence has connected with trained robots to provide a better customer experience.

Artificial intelligence responds to customers

“for us natural requirements It’s no longer just an interest, it’s a brand at the service of the person, our concern,” defines Connie DeMuro, Vice President of LATAM and Partner of RAPP.

He adds: “The Technique He contributed himself so we can expect more. multi-channel, taking into account not only the usual call center and social networks, but also active interest in private chat in each of them, Artificial intelligence with trained bots to give us instant answers (Not always the ones we would expect), WhatsApp as a channel for dialogue, among other things, are already regular spaces for conversation every day and obviously we also hope to be able to talk to brands out there,” said iProfesional.

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“The Trademarks They have increased listening, expanded channels of dialogue for complaints, inquiries and even to speed up sales. However Listening is not always at the service of the person, with an active brand that responds and engages with generation solutions. DeMuro warns that the opportunity for companies based on this listening is to go further, anticipating requests and reading between the lines what the expectations are.

in this way, Experts advise 100% analysis of conversations. Matthias Rosenfarb, of Keepcon concludes, “It’s a way to draw really powerful conclusions, and thus identify improvement opportunities faster. Automation tools make this possible in much less time and at a much lower cost than if it was done manually.”