April 12, 2024

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Shazam gives Apple Music subscriptions to new and old users

Apple, through its Shazam app, is saying goodbye to the year with a special promotion that seeks to encourage the use of Apple Music as the preferred platform for listening to music.

New users of Apple’s music streaming service will get access to 5 months free with this promotion. Frequent users are also eligible for this promotion, but are entitled to only 2 months free.

Shazam seeks to attract Apple Music users

In 2018, Apple acquired Shazam, which is already integrated as one of the preferred alternatives for identifying music playing in the environment. Since then, the application has become part of the company’s multimedia service offering.

Shazam, in both its versions for iOS or Android, offers a special offer to encourage the use of Apple Music: the extension of the free feature mentioned above.

Users who have never subscribed to Apple Music and want to listen to high-quality music without ads will be able to access the service for free for five months. Those who have used Apple Music before will still be eligible for the feature, but it will be reduced to just two months.

This promotion does not discriminate between iOS and Android devices, which extends this feature to almost everyone who wants to take advantage of an ad-free streaming music platform.

It’s five months of Apple Music free for users who have never used the service. However, for those who have previously used Apple Music, Shazam gives them two months of service for free. It is truly a call to all audiences.

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To make this promotion valid, simply access the address shazam.com/applemusic From a browser (either on Android or iOS), sign in with your Apple ID and then follow the onscreen instructions.

This offer runs until January 31, 2022, so it is recommended that this promotion be made valid before that date, due to management issues. Likewise, it must be remembered that these discount months are activated under the concept of “collection exemption” for the first months of subscription. For the same reason, before activating the Apple Music Individual Plan to make this promotion valid, it is recommended to cancel the subscription in time if you do not want to pay for it.

With high-quality music, including Lossless and Dolby Atmos formats, as well as access to lyrics, music videos, and curated selections, Apple seeks to incentivize new users, as well as old and likely lost users, to consume this content through its own platform. , with such a generous and unusual promotion.