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She was the first Maori woman to be invested as Governor General of New Zealand

She was the first Maori woman to be invested as Governor General of New Zealand

Cindy Crowe joins New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern (right) at the inauguration of Governor General in Wellington on October 21, 2021 afp_tickers

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Social justice lawyer Cindy Crowe was sworn in as New Zealand’s new governor-general on Thursday, becoming the first Maori woman to hold that prestigious identity post.

As Governor-General, he will represent New Zealand to Queen Elizabeth II.

Crowe, an educator with long experience in defending the rights of children and tribal communities, promised to liaise with groups most affected by the Govt-19 epidemic.

“We are living in a time of great uncertainty and anxiety,” he said during a ceremony in parliament.

“I will contact the marginalized communities of our community who will be discriminated against because of their disability, because they are homeless, because of slavery or because of their mental illness.”

Kiro said it also plans to reach out to immigrants, refugees and “the infamous heroes of our community.”

Crow, 63, daughter of Maori and Englishman, said she was proud to carry her dual legacy to the post of Governor-General.

The role of the Governor-General is often formal, including investing in delegates, awarding honors, and receiving foreign dignitaries.

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