April 19, 2024

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Social Security beneficiaries will receive $2,710 at the beginning of April

Social Security beneficiaries will receive $2,710 at the beginning of April

Retirees will be able to receive new Social Security payments next April. So checks can be more important if people qualify.

Meanwhile, Social Security announced that $2,710.00 will be the maximum payment at age 62 in 2024.

In this sense, there are some requirements to get this payment of $2,710.00 in April. The first is that you must apply for Social Security at age 62. However, if they apply later, they can get more money from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Let us remember that early retirement at the age of 62 is not the most recommended option, because the amount to be received will be less.

Therefore, it is recommended to delay the offer until the age of seventy. Those who take this path will be able to see a 24% increase in their monthly payments during retirement.

Another requirement is that you have worked for at least 35 years in jobs covered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Therefore, those workers who have worked fewer years will see a decrease in their checks. Finally, the last requirement is to earn the maximum taxable amount for 35 years.

Requirements to qualify for the April 3 batch

Let's be clear that the Social Security Administration will only send checks up to $2,710.00 to retirees who received benefits before May 1997.

However, another group of people can also receive retirement benefits; But your Social Security payment will be much lower. This is because they are already receiving SSI benefits at the same time, and the amount may be less than the average check of $1,910.00.

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Additionally, for those who are not eligible for the April 3 payment, there is an opportunity to receive their benefits on other dates.

For example, those who have a birthday between the 1st and the 10th get it on April 10. Meanwhile, those born between the 11th and the 20th get their payment on April 17. Finally, those with a birth date between 21 and 31 get it on April 24.

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