July 1, 2022

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Spain beat New Zealand and dreams of a quarterfinal again

Spain beat New Zealand and dreams of a quarterfinal again

The third time was captivating and the Spanish women’s hockey team defeated New Zealand 2-1 to claim its first Olympic victory. The result was tentatively fourth-place finish, and it went on to the quarterfinals. They will advance to the quarterfinals if they win the last two games against Japan and China.

With two defeats in the first two games (3-1 against Australia and 3-0 against Argentina), the restricted Adrian Lock (Govt. The team qualifies four out of six for the quarterfinals.

Important success

Peln Iglesias overtook Spain in the first half but had to suffer

On a very important day and against a very important rival, Spain started well. In the 6th minute Belon Iglesias used a commotion inside the New Zealand area to pass the ball into the net. After videographic examination of the play, Argentine referee Carolina de la Fuente approved the goal.

Lola Rierra increased the lead in the 22nd minute with a powerful win, converting a penalty-corner. The fighting spirit paid off for the Spanish women who struggled with every ball.

Alejandra Torres-Quevedo Oliver (24) celebrates victory

John Locher / A.P.

New Zealand pressed in early in the second half and found a prize at m.35 with a goal from Olivia Merry, who completed the pass from the end of the meter one meter from the line.

With 7 minutes left, Maria Ruiz caught Megan Hull’s shot from the penalty corner, and 59th Olivia Merry threw another ball. The marker does not move anymore. If Spain wins the remaining two matches of these games, it will end in the quarterfinals.

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