May 20, 2024

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Spain plays a morning match at the expense of South Africa

Spain plays a morning match at the expense of South Africa

life goes on. He is Capecoa. He concluded European CroatianOn January 16, with a goal (a wonderful goal) from Alvaro Granados To win the gold medal, the same “killer” opened the scoring account early on Monday Doha World Cupwhere the target is Spain It is only to finish again, next Saturday the 17th, once again on top of the podium. The trip started in the most comfortable way possible, by walking by South Africa.

He turned on Men's team Of the water polo engines, which must be gradually fine-tuned to give the best performance in the second week of competition, although seeing the result of this debut anyone would say that it is already very fine-tuned. The reason lies in the low level of Africans. Thus, the first quarter ended with a result Irreversible 1-6with another of granados, and two of Miguel de Toro And more Felipe Perrone And based on Sergey Cabanasin addition to the penalty kick that was converted by Jonathan Swanepoel in view of Edo LorioThe goalkeeper will start Monday like he did in the final quarter of the European final, and celebrate it Farouk MaimanFor those who did, it was as if it were a title.

Once again, Granados, outpacing the South African defence, opened the scoring in the second quarter, as doubts were already beginning to emerge as to whether Spain would be able to emulate the scoreline between the two teams at the last World Cup, which was a resounding 27-6 at the time. to David Martin. Continuous stop for Lorio and 1-8 of Mark Larumbe, from the penalty spot, made one imagine something like this. And also the following goals from Peroni, Di Toro, Bernat Sanahojadouble Unai BillAnd so on, 1-13 By which the halfway point had been reached, and it was overwhelming 87% effective In the shots.

Edu Lorrio played the first two quarters.
Frank RobichonEvie

As if it was a friendly match, both goalkeepers were changed in the third half Unai Aguirre Entering Spain and South Africa a Gareth May Which premiered immediately receiving Unai Biel work 1-14. The goals continued to fall in the following minutes – A Fran Valera which was not in Europe, Alex Bustos, Play malarach…-, in the same way that the defense was strong, powerful, to dry out a frightened opponent.

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The final quarter began with a 1-17 draw, which has never been greater in history than the prefecture's team played to enjoy and extend that scoreline, although it did not equal the tally of goals (or goals conceded) in the encounter in Fukuoka. . Convert it Sven van Zyl The first goal in the match against South Africa, supported later by Swanepoel and again Van Zyl who suddenly found himself with a hat-trick, but they kept the distance between Bustos, Granados, Malarach and Biel, the latter with four goals, so the 5-21 final with which he finished the debut.

Croatia again on Wednesday

As life continues as it is, the continental runner-up Croatia The next opponent of a Spanish team, which will be in that confrontation on Wednesday at five in the evening, will have the key that it seeks in the first place: a win to be first in the group, and thus jump directly to the quarter-finals in this major event. , in the person who seeks to go beyond the bronze of the past World Cup in Fukuoka. Or something like that, reissued gold a year and a half ago in Budapest. nothing. But this team is capable of anything.