June 20, 2024

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Starfield players regret that Bethesda didn’t add anything special from Fallout

Starfield players regret that Bethesda didn’t add anything special from Fallout

Bethesda missed the opportunity to have this in the space adventure that is Starfield, and many users believe that Fallout shouldn’t be their only game with a feature of this level; And it’s also a lot of fun.

The success of Starfield on Xbox Series Computer The Steam Deck is obvious, however Bethesda And Microsoft They have lost “something”. Many players believe that it is this aspect of Fallout that is being missed.

during Reddituser Professional_Bag5920 released a great post in which he emphasized – while disrespecting other criticisms – that “Missed opportunity“He wouldn’t leave ground vehicles.

Everyone says Bethesda made a mistake […]But I think the real missed opportunity was the lack of satellite radio“, reads the title.

He argues that it would be great to have a radio when prospecting for material, listen to SSNN about news stories or get satellite announcements and even buzz while travelling.

Since the post went viral shortly after he posted it, he edited it to add more context: “I recognize the argument that cross-platform radios will be difficult. However, I argue that all stable systems will have a way to enhance emissions.

To make it more interesting, I think there’s a great way to bring it to the outer edge […] Place more satellites and towers to expand the signal“, good idea.

A game with the radio in the background and on the map would be great

The user continued to argue: “I love all the ideas I see for radios. Free Star Radio. University of California Radio. Crimson Radio. Space Trucker Radio. Old Earth Radio“.

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He may have gotten a little carried away in the future that the Mavel Cinematic Universe included in Guardians of the Galaxy, as he can be seen – at least a little – in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Let some Guardians of the Galaxy classics creep in. I just want to shoot in space and have Mr. Blue Sky play randomly. Come on Bethesda, you can do it!.

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Unfortunately, it may take a lot more effort than you think. Especially considering that the game has already been developed and something like this would need a major update.

It will clearly be among Bethesda’s best-selling games soon We can also see the starfield An increasingly enormous list.

despite of Many Starfield players are missing a radio like the one in Falloutthis “Missed opportunity“As they call it, we can always keep having it in a space RPG.