August 14, 2022

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Stellantis and Samsung partner to manufacture electric car batteries in the US

Stellantis and Samsung partner to manufacture electric car batteries in the US

As part of a strategic alliance, Stellantis and Samsung will have a common goal of manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles in 2025.



It’s true, tech giant Samsung and Stellantisa leading brand in the automotive sector, seal an alliance to advance the manufacture Batteries for electric cars. Around 2500 dollars will go to For this mega project of a motor home.

It is known to the public that the latest world crises caused a shortage of supplies, As well as delays in production and delivery. However, with the alliance Stilants s SamsungThe plan is to catch up and get higher production that meet the demand for its electric vehicles.

In the long term, the company plans Invest $35.5 billion by 2025. Thus, they plan to reach 100% of BEV car sales in Europe, and in parallel 50% of the electric vehicle market is in North America.

There are already five giant factories

With this, there are actually five factories distributed in the above mentioned regions. This is more powerful Our global footprint in battery production.” While demonstrating the Stellantis engine towards a carbon-neutral future outlined in the Dare Forward 2030 plan.”

At the moment, activities are scheduled to start at the end of this year, while operations Production will be in 2025. In addition, within the specific objectives of this alliance, is the exclusive supply of batteries for Stylantis cars are made in the USA

On the other hand, the capacity of the batteries will also be added, Moving from 140 GWh to 400 GWh. Which the company assured her that “we will make efforts to provide Satisfy the market with high quality products.”

In total, 1,400 people will benefit Of the new operations that will take place in Kokomo, Indiana (USA), as mentioned in official speech. Highlighting Samsung’s latest technology, and its PRiMX brand that will be produced with it Modules and cells for electric vehicles.

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Maria Alejandra Villamisar Sarmiento.