May 23, 2022

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Taurus: April 2022, this month's forecast

Taurus: April 2022, this month’s forecast

Around the 9th of the month, he begins to negotiate or talk in earnest. On those dates you can alsoCommunicate with someone that got lost along the way, it’s time to request information that, somehow, you still need.

On April 10, Mercury becomes the first planet to arrive in your sign to clear the way for these eclipses. From that day when the announced change can be more visible, thanks to the news, talk and even rumors that become the first warning that the time has come Get rid of control and confidence The best way to cross the slopes is to go with the flow.

These changes have to do with your personal pictureThe way you present yourself to the world and what you allow others to know about you. The idea of ​​who you are is about to revolutionize and reinvent itself, take advantage of this month Start reading the signs that will speak to you From this change that will come to you.

Of course all this energy will increase after April 19, which is the date on which the Sun will enter Taurus, to begin returning to the Sun that It will make your world big. It is the year of life in which you must live with enthusiasm and open to new possibilities.

The full moon, on April 16, can bring Changes and closing of the course within your workplace. From a change in the environment, furniture or location of your work environment, to a restructuring that leads you to end your time in a company, position or work area.

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The month says goodbye ready to start taking career path, Far from a figure who is important to you and your profession, but her shadow will not allow you to shine at all.