June 21, 2024

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Teams that have won the winter... so far

Teams that have won the winter… so far

But we really learned a lot. winter It’s time to get excited And there are five teams, let’s discuss, that not only give their fans reason to get excited, but also set themselves up for success in the short and long term.

Here we present the five winners for the winter so far. These are teams that have improved dramatically — on paper at least — by filling in the roster gaps or better in obvious ways. _As a result, neither the Yankees nor the Mets are on this list because, up to this point, they have not added talent; They just re-signed the best free agents. (Or, in the Mets’ case, they signed Justin Verlander to take on Jacob DeGroom.)

1. Parents
It wasn’t hard getting started with the Padres. Manny Machado’s contract will likely expire after the 2023 season and Juan Soto will become a free agent after the 2024 season. They may not be together for long. But what a quartet! Machado, Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr. as well as Xander Bogaerts.

The Padres appear capable of becoming the first team in major league history to produce the top four players with the most votes in their league in a single season. But most importantly, Los Frailes is doing what every fan wants their team to do. They saw an opportunity and they go all out to win.

2. Cardinals
The Cardinals, for the first time in this century, had a huge gap at catcher. They had several options, including trading to the A’s for Sean Murphy or getting one of Toronto’s three wide receivers. But the trade would have cost them a lot of talent, including the players who are helping St. Louis win right now, like Brendan Donovan, Lars Nutbarr, or Nolan Gorman. They still don’t want to do that. So, they opened the checkbook to get a receiver.

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Wilson Contreras has been playing against the Cardinals for years and has publicly expressed how much he respects the organization and how willing he is to follow in the footsteps of the legend. The Venezuelan will fit perfectly there. The Cardinals just added a receiver called to three All-Star Games and it marks an improvement in terms of offense. St. Louis definitely needs to add one or two appetizers, but as always, they have their catch.

3. Puppies
Be careful not to underestimate the cubs too much. They were always considered a potential destination for Cody Bellinger, and they ended up signing the former National League MVP with an offer of $17.5 million. Given his lack of production in recent years, Bellinger is a risk – which is why he only signed for a year – but the deal seems to hold so much potential, both for him (he can recover his value) and for the team, that he’s in desperate need of a collision bat. Last season, the Cubs had a better showing than we can remember, and the addition of starter Jameson Taeyeon will help them.

The Cubs came in expecting the team to start winning now, rather than some indefinite time in the future. Chicago probably needs a shortstop — and it might get one — but the Cubs look like potential NL Wild Card contenders in 2023…and it just might not.

4. Guardians
Quietly, the Guardians’ offense last year was better than usual, although the club, as usual, were reluctant to push to add outside talent. The reason the offense wasn’t so bad is because of his ability to make good connections, which is exciting in the postseason, but as we’ve seen, he often falls short. So Cleveland’s decision to sign Josh Bell makes perfect sense. Bell only had one breakout season, in 2019, when he hit 37 homers and 37 doubles and was named to the All-Star Game, but he would still be one of the best hitters in the Guardians’ lineup. And it gives them strength, which they need above all else.

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Plus, Bell and Jose Ramirez make an interesting pair of switch hitters. The AL Central looks to be on hand again in 2023. The bell signing increases the likelihood that the Guardians will once again be able to capitalize.

5. Veles
You don’t have to think much about this. While Aaron Judge deserves all the attention, Trea Turner has arguably been the best free agent on the market given the position he plays, his skills, and his chances of aging gracefully. So while it’s amazing to see anyone sign an 11-year contract, Turner is now one of the few people on the planet who can imagine what his life will be like in 2033. The Phillies managed to add Turner with $27 million a year, which appears to be Below market value, that’s pretty impressive.

He instantly makes this team better—at the plate, on base lanes and in the field—and plays alongside Bryce Harper for the next decade. them too Added Taiguan Walker on a four-year deal to immunize their rotation. The cost ($72 million total) is impressive, but Walker didn’t receive a qualifying offer, so he wouldn’t cost the Phillies a pick.

This year’s Phillies World Series race reminds us of what this franchise and this fandom can do. They clearly want to keep the party going…for the next decade.