April 12, 2024

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Tensions with the US and elections in Taiwan are the sign of the week in China

Tensions with the US and elections in Taiwan are the sign of the week in China

Beijing accused Washington of unjustifiably suppressing local semiconductor companies, and described these actions as a sign of economic intimidation.

The State Department rejected restrictions imposed on Chinese telecommunications equipment companies over alleged threats to online information security.

The United States has included these companies on a blacklist that prohibits this type of equipment from entering the North American market.

In this scenario, Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and U.S. Minister Gina Raimondo spoke by phone about issues of mutual interest.

This was confirmed by the New China News Agency (Xinhua), which added in its report that the two parties focused on implementing the consensus reached between the two heads of state at the San Francisco meeting last November.

China and the United States this week took another step toward easing military ties during the 17th policy coordination meeting between the two countries' defense ministries.

However, tensions continue over the Taiwan issue, and Beijing urged the North American side to carefully and appropriately handle issues related to that region, stop official exchanges, and stop sending wrong signals to separatist forces.

Taiwan's leadership election ended today with the victory of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party's candidate, Lai Ching-ti, a separatist advocate for the island's independence.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Maldives President Mohamed Moizo announced here this week the upgrade of bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

The presidents of the two countries witnessed the signing of many bilateral cooperation documents within the Belt and Road Initiative, and in sectors such as disaster management, economy, technology, sustainable development and infrastructure.

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Also during these days, Xi Jinping urged the European Union to build more bridges of cooperation, given the chaotic international situation.

“Both parties should cooperate more closely to promote fair multipolarity in the world and comprehensive and beneficial economic globalization,” the president said during a meeting here with Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

China this week reported a case of espionage linked to the UK's Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6, which gained access to classified information from the Asian giant.

According to the Ministry of State Security, in 2015, MI6 established an “intelligence cooperation relationship” with a foreign national named Huang who collected sensitive information and identified potential individuals for recruitment.