June 12, 2024

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The Argentine fighter said that democracy is built by the people

The Argentine fighter said that democracy is built by the people

Buenos Aires, December 8 (Prensa Latina) Democracy is built by the people and is essential for achieving justice, rights and equality, Argentine activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel said today.

The head of the Department of Peace and Justice, in statements to the Telam news agency, stressed the need to preserve these principles, especially with the arrival of “a leader from the political right with extremist positions such as Javier Meli” to the government. predecessor.

Miley intends to destroy all acquired constitutional rights, including public education and free health. He wants to turn the state into a simple manager, without public policies. He stands for the free market, but that doesn’t exist, it’s the big lie that they sold us out. He warned that the market is linked to large economic interests.

He added that if justice and governments are not serving the people, then they are against them.

Moreover, he stated that democracy and human rights are indivisible values, and if the latter is violated, the former weakens and disappears.

In a message to the youth, he urged them to continue the struggle and not lose hope.

We must build new possibilities for political growth, review mistakes and not allow governments like Mauricio Macri’s to once again bring us eternal and unpayable foreign debt. He pointed out that we must prepare to defend our natural resources that want to take them away.

All is not lost because we Argentines have the bases of resistance, experience, and social and trade union training. Lots of strength and hope and never stop smiling. We are in a maze and there is no way out except through the top. He pointed out that we will be able to see the sun even if we are shaken by rain and wind.

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