August 19, 2022

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The Chant shares his psychedelic nightmares in a spooky new trailer

The Chant shares his psychedelic nightmares in a spooky new trailer

The Chant continues to share the level of horror she wants to impart to her followers once it goes on sale online. PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC later this year. Its latest trailer, which you can see in the introduction to this story, presents us with the terrible nightmares that the protagonist will experience throughout the adventure.

Mike Scubathe creative director of the project, explains that the studio’s goal is to “surprise gamers with an insane blend of ’70s cult horror and stylistic spirituality.” new eraTheir desire to “try new things” and their freedom to approach development allowed them to make the game they were looking for.

The horrors of the hymns

The brass symbol will take us to Glory Island, a remote wasteland where Prismic Science’s spiritual retreat takes place. This spiritual journey aims to let go of emotional baggage and be able to face tomorrow with a smile. However, not everything is going smoothly. The group’s passivity ends by opening a window into another dimension of cosmic terror.

Enemies are parasitic creatures that drive those who go crazy. They can control your fears and make you fall into a maelstrom of madness. In its official description, the study asserts that we must Carefully balance your mind, body, and spirit. As you try to “escape or fight” with a variety of spiritual tools and abilities.

The title is part of the brand’s first launch schedule Prime Minister, owned by distributor Koch Media. at recent days dolmen Or Next Payday 3 and The Last Oricru are just some of their companion projects. You can see the full list as part of the presentation that FreeGameTips attended at the end of 2021. Visit this link To get all the information directly.

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Source: press release (Coach Media)