December 1, 2021

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The Chicago Bulls in Canada survived and remained undefeated this season: team only 4-0 | Mexico

The Chicago Bulls in Canada survived and remained undefeated this season: team only 4-0 | Mexico

Even when the team’s performance alternates between good and bad, The Chicago Bulls They can proudly say they are the first team of the season to go 4-0, in addition to being only one of three undefeated in the tournament (Golden State 3-0 and Utah 2-0). This time, this one is for Billy Donovan imposed on Toronto Raptors (1-3) by 111-108, in a game they dominated but that was too complicated for them in the end.

The bulls benefited from an average of 20 in the third quarter and despite Toronto’s response from there, the visit looked destined for a comfortable last-minute shutdown: Advance 106-96 leaving 2:30. However, a series of errors, losses, and successes for birds of prey led to a suspension of identification. To the maximum extent Fred Vanfleet was in his hands a triple-tie, and he missed that launch in the last second of the game.

Even with that sweet and sour taste of the game’s poor outcome, it’s clear that the bulls have a lot to smile about in this first week of action. In fact, 4-0 revolves around Best start to the franchise’s regular season since I started 12-0 in 1996-97. The season they ended up retaining the title, led by Michael Jordan. Yes… you have to go back to the MJ era to find such a positive start in Chicago.

Another fact that points to the strangeness of this winning streak, in this case on the individual level: This is the first time Zach Lavigne has won four games in a row.. He has never done that in the previous 414 games, not with the Bulls, not with the Timberwolves. Will the drought be eliminated in this year’s playoffs? Everything indicates that.

Speaking of LaVine, the former Minnesota was one of the Bulls’ top teams tonight, finishing 22 points. It was also important DeMar DeRozan 26 units, although in his case with the lower proportions of the field: 7-19. Of course, the ex-Spurs made a few important shifts in the clutch, on field and in front of an audience he obviously knows full well.

In the winner there were also 17 points and 8 rebounds Nikola Vucevic, 15 lots Lonzo Pool A good contribution from Troy Brown From the bank: 11 points in less than 17 minutes.

What’s the best news for Chicago in these first games, after the results? defensive performance. There have been questions about how safe they are in this aspect, with a lineup that includes many unsafe players out there. However, they not only exceed expectations, they show up in Top 5 in the defensive ranking. We’ll see if they hold up against stronger competitors (they’ve played with Detroit, New Orleans and Toronto).

The Raptors were highlighted by 17 assists distributed by Fred Vanfleet (plus 15 points), as he topped his career on the field. In terms of scoring, the hosts led with 22 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists for OG Anunoby, followed by 18 points from Gary Trent Jr. How was the performance of the promising young player Scotty Barnes? Another strong performance, with 13 points and 6-8 minutes too off the field.

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