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The classic Ubisoft game has suddenly appeared on Xbox

The classic Ubisoft game has suddenly appeared on Xbox

But how good the years have been for Jade and Zerdy. Beyond good and evil It went on sale in November 2003, and was as well received by players as it was commercially conservative. 20 years later, it will give Ubisoft a new chance to shine Michel Ancel’s masterpiece. Of course, with a comprehensive update.

Without prior notification, Beyond Good and Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition Featured in the Xbox Store. And not only that: Ubisoft+ subscribers on Microsoft’s console were able to do so Play some games on the Microsoft console before it was discontinued. Logically, this means two things: an imminent announcement and a launch very soon. But what does it offer?

First of all, this commemorative edition is much more than just an update on a visual level: we will see more refined and defined models, textures and settings, although without straying far from that classic aesthetic of its era. Not only that, according to the store description, the game will appear in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Huge jump in quality compared to Beyond good and evil High resolution Xbox 360 is backward compatible.

However, the gameplay screenshots look pretty good compared to the original game and its revisions. It’s not like a remake of Chash Bandicoot and Spiro, but it’s much better than the remasters as they give the texture of a quick solo.




But the news doesn’t end there: Ubisoft has updated the controls and sound quality and added a quick save system and a cross-save system. We understand that the latter refers to importing your game from an 8th generation console to a 9th generation console, even though the game has Smart Delivery functionality on Xbox.

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When it comes to the content, there are also surprises in it Beyond Good and Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition: There will be more collectibles that will delve into the protagonist’s past, a speed mode for those who know the game inside out, a special gallery containing development materials and secrets about the game, and in this regard, the game’s achievements have been updated since HD Ratings. The price? This is the only unknown we have left. So we will have to wait for the official announcement.

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An anniversary gift that also serves as a precursor to a reunion

It is not fair to say that the news about what lies beyond good and evil has taken us by surprise. Beyond being absorbed, this edition is a real treat for fans. However, what really interests us is the lack of news surrounding the sequel: Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced in the middle of E3 2017 as one of the biggest claims of the year, and after the first phase of cyclical news, Ubisoft simply stopped talking about the project.

We know that Beyond good and evil 2 It’s not a sequel, and it’s one of the most ambitious games from Ubisoft recently. But this does not mean that there are many open fronts and little news from the French company: after almost seven years, the topics of conversation have moved to Star Wars Outlaws, which seems to have inherited many of the ideas established in the sequel. . That its creator, Michel Ancel, retired during development, doesn’t help either. If there was ever a time to catch up on the game, it’s now.

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Ubisoft rarely makes an announcement or releases a game without another game in the pipeline. Let’s hope this is the case too. From here, it’s time to talk about what we know: Beyond good and evil The original looks better than ever, and if you haven’t given it a chance yet, now is the best time to do so.

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