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The Covid-19 vaccination passport has entered into force in Brazil in Rio

The Covid-19 vaccination passport has entered into force in Brazil in Rio

September 15, 2021, 19:5
BRASILIA, SEPTEMBER 15 (PRENSA LATINA) The mayor of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro today began requiring proof of vaccination against Covid-19 to access institutions for mass use.

In this case, posters with the requirements appeared in gyms, swimming pools, training centers, clubs, stadiums, Olympic villages, cinemas, theaters, circuses, concert halls, museums, children’s entertainment, tourist places and exhibitions.

The measure was announced on August 27 and was scheduled to go into effect on September 1, but has been delayed due to instability in the ConnectSUS app, where citizens can create a digital proof of vaccination.

The city council ordinance also specified the need for immunization verification to receive resources from the well-known Carioca Family Card and elective surgeries in public and private networks.

According to the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) Immunization Committee, 10,000 people over 80, 212,000 out of 50 have the second dose pending in Rio and 166,000 over 18 calendars, who must take the first part, no, they showed up in health centers .

According to the digital edition of O Globo newspaper, tourism was one of the sectors in which it was more difficult to adapt to the decisions of the so-called wonderful city.

He estimated that many of the tourists who came on Wednesday to appreciate the city’s most famous monuments did not even know about the new law.

For Mayor Eduardo Paes, the so-called vaccination passport is a “preparation for the inauguration” of the municipality, which many hope will begin in November.

Of the four decrees issued by Paes detailing the measure, which were published at the end of last month, three were related to the need to adopt the vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes Covid-19.

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In the presentation of the epidemiological bulletin, the day the regulations were issued, the authority stated that it wanted holidaymakers in Rio, but to “vaccinate tourists”.

If a person is from part of Brazil and wants to visit Rio on vacation, now in September or October, they will be most welcome. But know that when you frequent the city, you will be charged for a vaccination card.

The passport to be presented in Rio can be physical proof of vaccination from SMS, vaccination card, or certificate issued by the ConnectSUS website or app.

Pace also approved a city council bill authorizing a fine of 1,000 reais (about $200) for cheating on their vaccination slips.

So far, Rio de Janeiro has collected 64,295 dead and 1,160,185 people have been infected with the virus.

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