June 20, 2024

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The Cuban art group will attend the event in Panama

The Cuban art group will attend the event in Panama

According to the group’s official Facebook page, they will be presenting the shows Ángeles para una Tradición and Cubano Soy, with a sampling of peasant roots and traditional folk dances from the Caribbean island.

Telón Abierto is a folkloric group made up of students, workers and graduates of Avila University, created 25 years ago to preserve and save the indigenous dances of the Cuban nation.

Thanks to rich professional support within the amateur artists’ movement, and national and international awards and recognitions, the group has shown its art in Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Italy.

The founder and general manager of the group, José Félix Robida, stated that they owe their success to the continuous improvement, research and study of every business they represent.

“Behind each performance there is a historical and cultural investigation, which ends up in a scientific presentation that is given at events and competitions and is the basis for each of the dances,” explained Robida.

Festkolk will hold its first edition from October 19 to 30 in Panama and will include the presence of dance groups from Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba and the host country.


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