July 1, 2022

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The Daredevil series will be rebooted on Disney+

The Daredevil series will be rebooted on Disney+

After Murdock died Charlie Cox featured in Spider-Man: There is no room for home It was clear that the character would have his own content again, but this time within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now a fantasy defendersof between it reckless or the punisher Among other things, they became part of Disney + and so the platform can now create all the content you want with these characters.

Originally, The story starring Charlie Cox was three seasons on Netflix And now, so that the character can have her own background in the MCU and coordinate with the rest of the fairy tale, he’ll be rebooted so Cox can start again as the best lawyer in the world. Hell’s Kitchen. What we don’t know is how it happens Reboot And if he really erases everything seen in previous seasons.

Face-lift and back-to-ring operation

last post from weekly production indicates that There is a “daring reboot” currently in development. This means that it is in the production stages being Kevin Feige and Chris Gary are at the helm From the project, how could it be otherwise. No other information has been shared such as the cast (whether the old cast will be back or not) or at what point the story will begin to unfold. It may serve as a precursor, to explain where the character comes from before they appear Spider-Man: There is no room for homeor delve into your next steps as a hooded keeper.

at the moment You can find the current three seasons of Daredevil on Disney+, which can help you get closer to the character and get to know this new superhero who seems to be the key to the future development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yep, don’t stay with the whole story either because that could be going away pretty soon, when the official synopsis of a reboot reckless.