July 1, 2022

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The day Tim Cook opened Apple Park and let's take selfies with him

The day Tim Cook opened Apple Park and let’s take selfies with him

We watched the rest of the show as I did, and we followed it up on different screens that were on the site, the difference being that we were able to experience the excitement of the developers when the news was presented and laughter with Federighi punched as the show’s superhero.

Advertisements such as the security check, and the integration of the iPhone as a webcam for Mac, have led to expressions of astonishment. However, the peak moments came with the announcement of the Ventura OS, the new M2 chip, the updated MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro.

The day Tim Cook took a selfie

At the end of the ads, we went to the Steve Jobs Theater where the Apple experts were waiting for us to let us see the new equipment for the first time. Just outside the entrance was a row of MacBook Airs in fresh colors.

After a few minutes of closely examining the equipment, I noticed that colleagues from other countries began to settle at the entrance, waiting for something. Within minutes, Tim Cook seemed to be standing with the new teams, unleashing flashes and screams all over. While navigating the venue, a journalist dared ask for a selfie. We all held our breaths for a second until Cook said, “Yes, sure.” And it’s not that the Apple manager was away from the press or the developers, but on other occasions during this same event, he also appeared in the showroom and we’d all keep a respectable distance from his visit.

In that sense, I can practically guarantee that there was no journalist in that room who, including myself, would not seek to suffer the same fate. Once again, Cook was opening his doors to us and personally welcoming us like all the friends we saw again after two years of distance and confinement due to the pandemic caused by COVID 19.

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While many expected Apple to showcase its own VR glasses, the ability to return after two rocky years and to connect and engage in person, Cook said, was stronger than that announcement and even opened the doors to Apple Park. The availability of the CEO to take selfies shows the brand’s desire to have close collaboration with the most powerful groups of influence in order to develop tools and services that are not yet available.

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