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The dazzling change in Emilia Atias’ appearance after her separation from Turku Naeem

The dazzling change in Emilia Atias’ appearance after her separation from Turku Naeem

The dazzling change in Emilia Attias’s appearance after her separation from Turku Naim (Instagram)

Emilia Atias He shocked his followers by revealing a radical change in his image, which sparked a wave of reactions on social media. The actress and model decided to not only change her hair color to a thicker blonde, but also adopted hair extensions that allowed her to wear hair down to her waist.

On her Instagram account, she shared a group of photos with the word “Ninfa” as the only text, as part of producing images for an exclusive clothing line. This change was widely praised by his followers.who did not hesitate to talk about it, adding more than 70 thousand “likes” and nearly a thousand comments to the post in a few hours.

Emilia Atias decided not only to change her hair color to a thicker blonde, but also adopted hair extensions (Instagram)

“Since Cassie Angeles, she seems to me to be the most beautiful woman in the world,” one of her followers explained. One message that stood out among the rest was a letter Eugenia China Suarez, When he wrote next to the snap: “My love,” accompanied by a rose emoji. Immediately, another of her fans responded: “La China and Emilia, the goddesses of Olympus… You cannot believe the most beautiful women in Argentina.”

China Suarez’s message to change Emilia Atias’s appearance (Instagram)

Many interpreted this transformation as a symbolic gesture of renewal in her life after her separation from Naeem Al Turki With whom he was in a relationship for 20 years. Weeks after announcing this separation, the actress and model is largely focused on her work projects and sharing time with her daughter, Jenna, the girl she shares with the comedian, who is currently 7 years old.

The sudden change in Emilia Atias’s appearance (Instagram)
Emilia Atias returned to the fashion show with a resounding change in her style, and it did not take long for the love of her followers to arrive (Instagram)

In this scenario, less than a week ago, the model showed on social networks the new campaign she had done for an aesthetic where the aim was to show her figure. Thus, with their agency, they chose clothes that showed a lot of skin, such as crop tops, open shirts or underwear.

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In the text of the post, the model thanked the hair and makeup workers and photographers who participated in the production. The post garnered more than 40,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments among her fans and some of her colleagues, such as Ximena Baron, who praised her beauty.

With long blonde hair, Emilia Atias completely changed her style (Instagram)

In addition, he left a series of photos and videos posted on his personal page He feeds on Instagram to his more than one and a half million followers, where he reflected on the time he spent in a Buenos Aires hotel in the company of little Gina. “It’s always good to break up the routine a little. You don’t have to run very far. It changes. Cuts. improvise. It helps me. “Thanks for having me and my daughter for a few days, we will be back,” he wrote in the post in question as he also used the opportunity to create his own content.

Thus, she was seen in the privacy of the room, swimming in the complex’s pool and looking out onto the balcony, enjoying the panoramic view. She also showed off a more night-time look, touring the facilities in a tank top, long skirt and dark glasses.

With a new look, Emilia Atias returned to modeling after her separation from Turku Naim (Instagram)

Regarding his personal gift, he revealed in an interview with the press how his relationship with his former partner is currently. “My daughter and my work are my cable to the ground,” she said when interviewed by historian Santiago Sposato. they (America).

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“I am calm, I work hard and with my daughter.” He responded to his breakup with the comedian. He also pointed out the media coverage the news received, considering that the couple has always been very secretive. He admitted: “We did not choose this path. It was a bit difficult, but we worked internally so that we could overcome it in the strongest way possible.”

It must be remembered that as soon as the separation was confirmed and far from paying attention to the narratives of the reason for the separation due to her alleged infidelity, Emilia was direct and wrote on her social networks: “Fortunately, we know who we are. How lucky we are to have peace. Only we know the path we took. Only we know this fact. This is a deep and blessed understanding of the other, which leaves no room for resentment and anger. Everything great is waiting for you. Spread that magnetism. This intelligence. That huge ability. That power, so yours. This heat is inside this heart. I’ve always admired you so much. You do not deserve to have those words that surface among some people today that define you.“, He expressed.