May 18, 2024

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'The fate of the bottle cap is rubbish': Santiago Creel's bitter comment on AMLO

‘The fate of the bottle cap is rubbish’: Santiago Creel’s bitter comment on AMLO

Santiago Creel launched himself against AMLO and his bottle caps (Images: Twitter / @SantiagoCreelM // Cuartoscuro)

Santiago Creelpresident Parliamenta bad comment in response to the comments that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) on potential opposition candidates who will seek the presidency in 2024.

In his morning conference, the national president emphasized that so far he has taken into consideration 38 opponents aspire to occupy the presidency He declared that he would present the list publicly because it “should not be covered up, cover-up or finger-licked”.

Contrary to AMLO’s opinion, a member of the National Action Party (PAN) expressed in a press conference that pre-announcing figures who could represent the Movement for National Regeneration (Morena) might backfire because “the gas is wasted”.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to announce his position regarding the term “corcholata”, by which the CEO refers to the presidential candidates for the alleged fourth transformation: Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum, Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard and Minister of the Interior Adan Augusto López Hernández.

“For me, the term corcholata used in the way the chief refers to is a derogatory term. In addition, when the bottle cap is revealed, because the idea is to reveal the identity of the applicants, in the first place, what is done with the cap of the bottle subject of disclosure is thrown into the trash. So the destination of the bottle cap is garbage“, pointed out.

Creel admitted that the term "bottle caps"which AMLO refers to applicants for Morena, appears to be disdainful of him (Images: Twitter/PartidoMorenaMX)
Creel admitted that the term “corcholatas,” which AMLO refers to applicants for Morena, appears derogatory to him (Images: Twitter/PartidoMorenaMX)

He also responded to the recommendations of López Obrador, who urged the opposition parties to identify their candidate and the main axes of their proposal, beyond criticism of the Morena government.

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AMLO noted: “It doesn’t just mean that we are nako or populists or I don’t know anything else, but what they suggest. It helps a lot, that people have clarity.”

In this sense, Creel referred to it National Action defined his proposal in terms of security and economy. Regarding this last aspect He asserted that the AMLO policy was a failure that led to an increase of 6 million people in poverty In a comparative way, he assumed the findings of the National Action Party when he was in the presidency.

Santiago Creel compared AMLO's management to Vicente Fox's (Image: Exclusive)
Santiago Creel compared AMLO’s management to Vicente Fox’s (Image: Exclusive)

“All our governments have had positive growth, and yes moderate, but positive growth. I ask their bottle caps if they will continue with their zero growth economic policy.

Finally, make it clear that among what the blue and white seat suggests is Modify the security strategy He was promoted by López Obrador during his six-year tenure, with which he opted for militarism.

We must remember that in the past, Creel compared the insecurity in the Fox administration to the current president.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed that the government in which he held the position of Prime Minister of the Interior (Segob) “is the only one that has been able to confront the violence without the high death toll.”

Under this content, confirmed that PAN has arguments to suggest changes to the current strategywhere the results indicate that “there must be some elements to be taken into account” despite the fact that the current circumstances differ from those of the six-year period from 2000 to 2006. That is why he even requested a meeting with the President to present his proposal .

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