June 23, 2024

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The former head of the Canary Health Authority defends that the purchase of masks “worked well”

The former head of the Canary Health Authority defends that the purchase of masks “worked well”

Madrid, June 10 (EFE).- Antonio Oliveira, who temporarily ran the Canary Health Service (SCS) in 2020, defended on Monday in the congressional committee investigating the Koldo case the purchase of masks for Management Solutions, both in terms of price. and delivery time.

Oliveira is now Director of the Office of the Minister of Regional Policy, Ángel Víctor Torres – who will appear before the Congressional Investigative Committee on Monday as well, after the completion of his senior official’s statement – and has answered questions from representatives of the PP, PSOE, VOX, SOMAR, ERC And CC.

On April 21, 2020, as reported in Congress, he received a call from the Director of Administrative Solutions, Iñigo Rotaichi, to deliver additional masks to the Canary Islands within a delivery contracted by the country’s ports.

The proposal was accepted because the economic offer was “reasonable”, without the need to provide funds, and the delivery was “quick”, as Oliveira explained after highlighting the difficulties in times of the pandemic.

He highlighted that later, when it became clear that the payment was of lower quality than the one that was contracted for, the amount of money was reduced to settle it at the technical level that had been reached, and he indicated that he contracted with the company again because things had gone well the first time.

Regarding another contract investigated, signed with the Canarian company RR7 United, Oliveira pointed out that in this case, “the most problematic issue stems from the allocation of public resources,” because the payment was made in advance.

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But he pointed out that the evidence that the administrative file is also “impeccable” is that he obtained European funds after passing the required controls.

“If someone benefits from this, let them pay for it,” Oliveira said, noting that even if the contracts are valid, there may be excessive commissions for brokers. Evie