June 23, 2024

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The humanitarian situation in Gaza will focus discussions at the United Nations as Israel ignores the ceasefire › World › Granma

The humanitarian situation in Gaza will focus discussions at the United Nations as Israel ignores the ceasefire › World › Granma

Today, the humanitarian situation in Gaza will be the focus of another UN Security Council meeting, while the Israeli authorities ignore calls from all levels to stop their advance towards Rafah.

The session was announced after the Defense Forces bombed areas where displaced people remained on this southern border, which is now under intense attack that has forced more than a million Palestinians to leave the area.

At least 46 Gazans were killed in recent days as a result of the air strikes, which sparked a wave of international condemnation while Israel described the events as a “tragic accident.”

The highest peace body in the world met on Tuesday in closed consultations at a meeting requested by Algeria, the Arab representative in the Council, and supported by Slovenia.

Shortly before the meeting, UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemned the Israeli attacks and called for greater protection of the population.

“As he said before, the horror and suffering must stop immediately,” the High Representative said in a statement stressing the need for a ceasefire and the release of the hostages.

He added that the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is now exacerbated by the unreasonable possibility of a man-made famine.

The Secretary-General referred to recent orders issued by the International Court of Justice, which demanded that Israel stop the attack on Rafah, where more than half of Gaza’s population remained at the beginning of this month.

According to the UN Secretary-General, the Israeli authorities must allow, facilitate and enable the immediate, safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian supplies to those in need.

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The head of the organization also urged to keep all crossings open in accordance with Security Council resolutions.

“Humanitarian organizations must have full, rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access to reach all civilians in need throughout Gaza,” he said.

Furthermore, he called for rapid action to restore security, dignity and hope to the affected population, which will require urgent efforts to support and strengthen the new Palestinian government and its institutions, including preparing the Palestinian Authority to resume its responsibilities in Gaza.

The veteran diplomat considered that “we must also move forward with concrete and irreversible steps to create a political horizon.”

He stressed that the devastation and misery witnessed in the past seven months has reinforced the need for Israelis, Palestinians, countries in the region and the international community to embark on the long-awaited political path towards a two-state solution.