The Indian giant seeks to triple its tractor exports

It aims to achieve the level of 100,000 units per year through strong investments and aggressive business policy.

The intentions of Indian manufacturers In terms of capturing ever larger segments of the global food trade. Tractors.

Their plans often include aggressive bets and the ability to challenge strong competitors.

One such ambitious plan is that of an Indian giant, which, despite already having a presence in many international markets, wants more and more.

This is Sonalika, an Indian company that produces 150,000 tractors Annually, including a 77% It sells in the local market (about 115,000 units).

The rest, about 35 thousand units, are exported to various countries around the world, including Argentina, as part of its alliance with Apache.

Of course, the bulk of its foreign sales are directed to it EuropeAbout 15,000 tractors are placed annually.

Within this general fate, Germany It's its main market, with 2,000 units per campaign. There will be a similar number Francewhile United kingdom It is estimated that exports amount to about 1,000 pieces of equipment.


However, for Sonalika (which operates the Sonalika and Solís brands), the 35,000 currently exported tractors are of little value.

That is why it is building a new export tractor factory next to the facilities it has in the city. Hoshiarpurin an Indian state Punjab.

The goal is to reach a number of 100,000 tractors Exported in 2030, of which 40% will be directed abroad Europe.

Can you do that? Suffice it to remember that Sonalika increased its exports from 5,070 units in 2011 to a record 35,160 units in 2023.

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