May 20, 2024

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The 'joint venture' between LaLiga and Globant is looking to grow in the Middle East, the US and Australia

The 'joint venture' between LaLiga and Globant is looking to grow in the Middle East, the US and Australia

Sportian draws its own roadmap. the joint project Founded in 2021 by LaLiga and Globant and outlined its plan to increase its business, Focusing on Australia, the United States and the Middle EastAs Lukas Juri explains, Chief Business Officer From Sportian to Palco23.

We are seeing a lot of activity in the Asia-Pacific region; “Australia, for example, has a very important agenda of opportunities,” explains the director, who adds that “the Middle East is joined by investment and vision for the role of sport, as well as the United States, where the depth and breadth of some projects is astonishing.”

Their plans involve internationalization, however What is an athlete? The entity defines itself as a global technology solutions provider, focused on the hobbyist, performance Sports clubs and organizations, such as clubs, leagues or federations.

Among its services it stands out Activate the fanspecialization in fantasy games, Platform projects Over the top (OTT)Develop applications and web pages Digital experiencesOr technological solutions to integrate stadiums. Guri explains one of his solutions: “Sports Performance, which was born as a media coach, has 3.5 million Data points Which can be analyzed directly during a football match.

Gauri explains that the idea came from The need to accelerate the digital transformation of the sports sector. “When you think about industries such as energy or mobility, you find that digital transformation has already been applied for several decades; however, in sports, it is still young and has not gone deep enough. “Today, many leagues, competitions and federations are struggling,” the manager adds. “Sports companies have technical debt because the fan experience is not optimized.”

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One of its most important projects Increase content Connected For Major League Rugby (MLR) or anti-piracy in MotoGPas well as the comprehensive management of LaLiga followers: “We technically explain the entire LaLiga strategy Engagement“Monetization and operations in one of the major football competitions around the world,” adds Jori. The Royal Belgian Football Association, Sevilla FC, Telefónica, Wimbledon and the Futv platform have been added to previous clients, bringing their number to fifty.

but, The crown jewel is the project being developed for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).. “We are designing the fan experience at the Intuit Dome, as well as a staff solution that supports that experience,” the director explains.

Regarding Sportian’s invoices, Juri refused to make any statements, although he clarifies that they are “in Globant’s financial statements,” and adds that “Sportian was recognized, in 2023, as one of the technology companies within Top 5 In terms of growth.”

at the moment, Sportian's ownership is divided between Globant, with 51% of the shares, and LaLiga, with the remaining 49%.. Juri realizes that “growth requires defining a clear strategy in the event of increasing capital, which requires careful consideration of partners and associates.” partners can be included.”