April 12, 2024

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The mysterious entrance makes fan imaginations fly, but you need to be careful

The mysterious entrance makes fan imaginations fly, but you need to be careful

following half life must be fans The most faithful in the history of video games. Since the release of the second installment in 2004, they have been waiting for some indication that they will confirm that Valve is working on the third part of the saga starring Gordon Freeman. As long as there are some signs that fuel hope for this half life 3 Exists in the real world, fans will be there.

Illusions are back Activated after an entry called Valve Event Upload was found in a database steam. Rumors indicate that it could be a new game from Valve. To permanent speculation of possible new half life, He thinks it could also be something else left 4 Dead game or one IP brand new. The entry appeared on January 4th and was revealed by SteamDB.

Half Life fans are clinging to the idea that this entry could be the possible announcement of the third part of the game.

Experts call on the community to be careful with the predictions that are made. One of them is Tyler McVickerthe Valve news specialist, who pointed out that these configurations do not necessarily mean the launch of a video game, indicating that they are made “Specially for large releases controlled by Valve”.

McVicker points out that these “big launches” are usually new shows or shows hardware. The specialist specifically thinks so These changes will be made by the developers Counter Strike: Global Offensive On the same date that the valve event load appeared.

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On the other hand, there are also rumors that it will be an original so-called license Neon Prime Or from a new project called forta virtual real-time strategy game whose name appeared in Source Code 2, the graphic engine for Dota 2.