July 1, 2022

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The mysterious 'portal' appears in the skies of New Zealand;  What is the cause of this strange phenomenon?

The mysterious ‘portal’ appears in the skies of New Zealand; What is the cause of this strange phenomenon?

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This weekend, the sky New Zealand They were filled with strange blue scrolls at night. Stargazers immediately rushed to take pictures to capture the bizarre event.

These photos went viral on social media and raised various suspicions Where are you from And why they appeared in the night sky. We explain what happened in the Binary Herald.

The photos were widely shared on social media, with many New Zealanders comparing them to a kind of “wormhole”.

However, experts assured that this strange phenomenon is not alien, it is not a dimensional portal, but caused by these “luxurious-looking clouds”. Falcon 9 Rocket Carrying a satellite Globalstar DM15.

This unusual sight was first captured by residents of the town of Nelson on the North Island of New Zealand, and is visible 750 kilometers south of Stewart Island.

Richard Easter, a professor of physics at the University of Auckland, explained the reason behind the occurrence of blue spirals in the New Zealand sky:

“Clouds of this nature sometimes occur when a rocket puts a satellite into orbit,” the expert explained to The Guardian.

When the impulse is ejected from the back, the expert promises, “You have mainly water and carbon dioxide, which briefly form clouds in the sky, and they get that blue color when they glow in the sun,” Professor Easter explained.

For its part, the New Plymouth Astronomical Society said on Facebook, “This is mostly a ‘fuel leak’ or ‘exhaust column’ from Rocket Evil. SpaceX“, Similar effects have been seen before.

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According to Professor Easter, The Rocket Was in question Hawk 9Last Sunday, June 19, 2022, SpaceX used the satellite to send it into low Earth orbit.

Meanwhile, the Chief SpaceX, Elon MuskGreeted Hawk Team For throws. “Congratulations to the SpaceX Falcon team for making 3 flawless launches in 2 days!” He wrote on Twitter.

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