May 22, 2022

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The new Toyota GR Corolla: 305 hp and all-wheel drive for the Japanese GTI

The new Toyota GR Corolla: 305 hp and all-wheel drive for the Japanese GTI


With the new GR Corolla, Toyota is expanding its high-performance range and returning to the compact sports car category or “hot hatch” to stand up to models such as the Honda Civic Type R or Renault Mégane RS.

Toyota GR Corolla is the third model in the Gazoo Racing family, the Japanese manufacturer’s most exciting kit among which GR Yaris and the GR 86. The strongest version of the agreement Toyota It was unveiled in the US and confirmed for sale in Japan. Its marketing in Europe is unknown, but we must not lose hope, if we take into account the sales success of its little brother, GR Yaris.

For its new high-performance model, Aichi applied the well-known Yaris recipe, so under the hood we find the G16E-GTS block. Of course, the 1618cc triple cylinder has been modified with a new exhaust system to increase power 305 hp at 6500 rpm and torque up to 370 Nm Between 3000 and 5500 cycles.

The Toyota GR Corolla features three Civic Type-R exhaust ports.

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The motor is exclusively associated with A six-speed manual transmission transmits power to all four wheels through the unique GR-Four drive system. Like the GR Yaris, the driver can choose the power distribution between the axles depending on the selected driving mode: 30/70 (sport), 50/50 (track) and 60/40 (normal). In addition, the gearbox automatically maneuvers toe heel. Complete set with two self-locking differentials Torsen is standard on the Circuit Edition and optional on the Basic Access Edition.

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At the moment, the brand has not conveyed the benefits, so we do not know the maximum speed and the time taken to complete the maneuver from 0 to 100 km / h. However, the numbers will be similar to those of the GR Yaris (230 km/h 5.5 sec), because although the Yaris is still at 261 hp, it is lighter: 1,280 kg compared to the 1,474 kg of GR Corolla.

The GR Corolla uses the same platform as the regular Corollas TNGA-C. Of course, it has been conveniently enhanced with More welding points to increase the rigidity of the structure. Likewise, it has a wider track than the regular versions: 6 centimeters more in the front and 8.5 centimeters more in the rear. To save weight, the hood and doors are made of aluminum, and in Circuit versions, the roof is made of carbon fibre. The rims, which conceal ventilated and perforated disc brakes at the front, are 18 inches in size with tires installed Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Size 235/40.

The 12.3-inch dashboard is for this Corolla.

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In addition to the technical part, the GR Corolla has been significantly modified at the design level in relation to the regular versions. Thus we find, in addition to the aforementioned larger track width, a front end with a large engine cooling grille, air intakes on the hood, and a large diffuser with Three exhaust ports An amazing wing crowns the rear. Additionally, the bottom has been modified to improve airflow and therefore aerodynamics.

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Inside the Toyota GR Corolla we find the usual elements of this type of version, with some above all Sports seats with integrated headrests Which, depending on the finish, is made of fabric or a combination of faux leather and Alcantara.

In addition, the hardware is a 12.3-inch digital panel with specific sports scales, The electric parking brake has been replaced in the regular versions with a lever And the gear knob is signed by Morizo, Akio Toyota’s pseudonym.