March 3, 2024

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The new trailer for “Knuckles” makes it clear that the red echidna isn't kidding around

The new trailer for “Knuckles” makes it clear that the red echidna isn't kidding around

at recent days Super Bowl 2024 He has left us, as is usual in recent years, a good selection of trailers for the films that will be released in the coming months, such as the upcoming “Deadpool & Wolverine” or “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”, among others. . Although it also gave us a new look at the upcoming series'Joints“, a spin-off of the films Live action or direct event l'Sonic the HedgehogWhich will arrive at the end of next April 2024 A short series of six episodes. It did so with a new look, much shorter than the first trailer released a few days ago, although there is a very clever unreleased scene.

Red Echidna “Nucolas Cage”

Thus, one of the new scenes in this new look that you can see below leaves us with Comedy dialogue between Knuckles and WadeWhen the latter begins to suggest names to the red echidna, among them “Nukulas Cage“, a clear reference to the multi-faceted actor Nicolas Cage And the legendary action films from the 90s. After the character's debut in “Sonic 2 The Movie”, this new miniseries will be placed between the end of the same part and the next third part, scheduled for release in December 2024.

This time we'll see Knuckles trains Wade WhippleDeputy Sheriff Green Hills, in the Echidna War. Idris Elba He returns once again to voice Knuckles after his first appearance in the second film. They are back too Adam Bali Like Wade Whipple, Eddie Patterson Like Wanda Whipple, Julian Barratt Like Jack Sinclair, Scott Mescudi Like Agent Mason W Eli Taylor Like Agent Willoughby.

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They come back too Ben Schwartz And Colin O'Shaughnessy As the voices of Sonic and Tails respectively with Tika Sumpter Like Maddie. Among the new features of this short series we find Rory McCann, Cary Elwes, Stockard Channing, Paul Scheer, Rob Heupel And Christopher Lloyd as the voice of Pachacamac, rounding out a more striking cast.

We leave you with him New poster From this spin-off series of “Sonic movie'. it is expected that 'Joints“It was released on Paramount+ the next April 27, 2024.