June 23, 2024

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The Presley Foundation bans the use of the King of Rock’s music in A24’s incendiary biopic

The Presley Foundation bans the use of the King of Rock’s music in A24’s incendiary biopic

The director will present classic songs performed by Phoenix, the band of her husband, Thomas Mars

Priscilla Sofia Coppola’s album will not include Elvis Presley’s music. The film, which Coppola wrote and directed for A24, will not include songs by The King of Rock because the heirs turned down a role in the film. After the extraordinary success of “Elvis,” Coppola reached out to Elvis Presley Enterprises, 85% owned by the Authentic Brands Group and the remaining 15% by the Presley family, but was unable to access the Memphis catalog.

Baz Luhrmann’s Oscar-nominated film used Presley’s music with the foundation’s approval. Coppola revealed what happened to Hollywood Reporter to explain How will you try to save the situation, Like getting copies of classic songs by Phoenix, the collection of Coppola’s husband and bandleader, Thomas Mars.

“They don’t like projects that they don’t create themselves and protect their brand. But it just made us more creative.”

Priscilla is an adaptation of Priscilla Presley’s memoir Elvis and Me. Coppola has spoken of production design as being key to transforming production at Graceland in Torontoand Las Vegas and Germany in just 30 days.

“We talked about Graceland having to look like a wedding cake. We wanted there to be a real contrast between Germany and his arrival in Graceland. In Germany, winter is gray. All the dress-up palettes are turned off. When you go to Las Vegas and Graceland, everything is very colorful and intense And exciting. It was almost like Oz when you first see the exterior of Graceland and the flowers are gorgeous.”

Kylie Spayne plays Priscilla, with Jacob Elordi as Elvis. Priscilla is the executive producer of the movie, which was made for less than $20 million and will premiere at the Venice Film Festival. After the trailer was released, Elvis Presley’s estate issued a statement stating that they were not aware of the production. A real estate official said TMZ WhatGraceland’s vision is inaccurate and the first look of the film has been described as

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college movie. The set designs are absolutely awful, and it’s not what Graceland looks like.”

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