May 23, 2022

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The Quest series reclaims one of its heroes

One of the main characters of The Search will return for the series prepared by Disney Plus

Series Disney + Based on the movie franchise search (national treasure Originally) at least one familiar face. Unfortunately for fans of the saga it’s not all about it Nicolas CageBut it is his mate’s adventures. Platform announce what or what Justin Bartha He will return to repeat his role in the project. Bartha will come back like Riley Paul He will appear alongside the heroes Alexis Lizette s Catherine Zeta-Jones in the series.

The Search is an extension of the eponymous movie franchise and focuses on the young heroine, Jess (Alexis), a brilliant and resourceful dreamer who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to uncover the truth about her family’s mysterious past and save her life. Lost American Treasure. As you can see, the premise of this Quest series is quite similar to the original.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Billy, a billionaire, black market antiques expert and treasure hunter who lives by her own rules; Zuri Red It’s Tasha, Jess’s attendant who is forced to re-evaluate her belief system to help her best friend in this quest; Jordan Rodriguez He plays Ethan, a childhood friend who has loved Jess since the day they met; Anthony Cipriano stars like Oren, a lovable but obsessed person with an encyclopedic knowledge of conspiracy theories; Jake Austin Walker Ho Liam, a struggling musician from a long line of treasure hunters. s Lyndon Smith He plays FBI agent Ross, who helps with the search.

Bartha played Riley in the first movie of 2004, opposite Nicolas Cage. Riley is a computer genius who helps Benjamin Franklin’s Gates, played by Cage, to discover the facts behind the historical monuments. Bertha also appeared in the second 2007 film, Quest 2: Secret Diary.

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