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The simple procedure that you don't know to avoid missing a notification on your mobile phone

The simple procedure that you don't know to avoid missing a notification on your mobile phone

There are many occasions when Some notifications may be difficult to know That connects to your cell phone, especially if you are in a noisy environment where it is difficult to hear. In Spain, many people use a smartwatch or activity bracelet to recognize these notifications, but there are other ways to find out without the need for an external device.

Android has a notification system that focuses on the visual section and allows you to modify the behavior of the mobile phone so that it does things like The screen lights up or the camera flashes Every time someone arrives. This way, no method is used that makes too much noise, as that could be annoying at night. In addition, it can also help people with hearing difficulties to be more aware of their mobile phone alerts.

Each of these options is different, but both can be very useful to know about all the notifications arriving on the device. If you usually have your cell phone within your reach, and the screen is in sight and you're looking up, it's worth betting on this item being illuminated. On the other hand, if you're one of the people who usually leaves your cell phone face down on the table, the flash light will make it difficult to ignore notifications.

Turn on the screen

Audio notifications allow a person to be aware of notifications that arrive while they are doing any other task and the device is not nearby. However, activating the screen every time a new message or notification arrives can also be useful at times when the device is nearby.. Using this method you can leave your cell phone silent on the table while you work. Or while you are resting at home, if you notice that the panel is on, then a notification has arrived.

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When this happens, one positive point is that you can see the entire message (or part of it if notification privacy is activated) directly on the lock screen that is displayed as soon as the notification arrives. If you do not touch the device, The panel will turn off again after a few secondsso it does not consume additional battery.

Activate screen for notifications

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To activate this function you have to go To the Screen section under SettingsOnce there, tap on Lock Screen and activate the Wake screen for notifications option. This feature only alerts the user in this way if the device's screen is off. If it is running, it makes no change.

Those people who always carry their mobile phones on silent mode may find it very useful, as it is something that stands out a bit at first glance. In addition, it integrates perfectly with other options available on Android to make notifications more visible, such as Drop-down menus or trigger points.

Flash activation

This option is available on many Android phones, including Google Pixel, although on brands that have their own customization layer like Xiaomi, This option focuses on incoming calls, instead of all notifications. However, it is a great option to not miss anything.

Turning it on is basically the same as the previous option, only instead of activating the screen, the camera's LED flash will start flashing. It's about A somewhat more intrusive and noticeable warning, But it ensures that the user realizes that they have something pending to look at on their mobile phone. This option is ideal for people who usually leave their mobile phones face down on the table.

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Flash notifications

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In this case, the option is also present under Settings, only in this case, you will have to go to the Notifications section. Once you get there, you just have to do it Access the flash notifications option And activate the camera flash option. It is possible to access a preview in which you can see how it will light up when a notification arrives.

The Screen Flash option that also appears in this section is similar to the previous one. However, in this case it is not used to trigger the mobile phone with notifications, rather it is used, During operation, flashing occurs The color that alerts the user.

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